View Full Version : anyone else tired of waiting

11-14-2001, 06:54 PM
man ive just about done everything i can to take my mind off the xbox being only a few hours away its realy starting to agrivate me want my amn xbox lready i want my **** halo i want my **** munch i ant my **** doa i wan my **** dvd thingy i want my **** xbox mag i want my **** things here already!!!!!!!!!!!!

:( how r u people taking it :eek:

l Maximus l
11-14-2001, 06:59 PM
Ah yes...it's a painful process....

11-14-2001, 07:37 PM
but u have to agree... the pain is definately worth it all :D :D :D

11-14-2001, 07:39 PM
i was tired of waiting when i heard what XBox was....