View Full Version : Got Pgr And Halo!!!!

11-14-2001, 10:42 PM
I just got back from EB and I picked up part of my bundle which includes Project Gotham Racing and Halo!! YEAH! I walk into EB and they had all the games behind the counter on the ground and then they were puttin them on the shelves and I asked if I could get part of my bundle now and he told me I could and gave me my Project Gotham and Halo and I told him if slipped him a Queen Elisabeth ($20 Canadian) then he would let me get to my XBOX playin and he said yeah sure, if my manager wasn't workin the whole nite he would as soon as EB started gettin deserted. I got pretty ****ed. He told me that there's no point in linin up tommorow morinin if I already got everythin payed off, I just gotta show up before they close the store at 9:00 pm, yeah rite like I'l actually be close to that time, I'll be there as soon as they open. He told me that the XBOX DVD Playback kit arrives at the store at about 2 or 3 and I said that's ok cuz I'm still at school at that time. Now I'm at home starin at the instruction manuals, too bad that I don't have a scanner so I could scan the instruction manual and put it up!