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evil xbox king
10-26-2002, 09:55 PM
Graphics: Ouch! Looks exactly like a dodgy PSone game. There are jaggies here, there and everywhere. The only way it is possible to distinguish the players is from their jersey, as the faces are the same for every player. Come to think of it, a little game called NBA Live 1997 looked better than this load of ****. Once again, a big American developer does a second rate job of an Australian sport.

Gameplay: Ugh, this is too sad. The 'tactics' that can be used are just cr*ptacular. You have Normal, Aggressive and Defensive tactics. Three tactics! Three stinking tactics! Compare this to an American sport game that has hundreds of different plays- This is just sad. Kevin Sheedy does not appear in this game at all, despite what is said on the cover. To the actual game- The controls are too simplistic, and it is impossible to judge the correct distance to kick the ball, as your teammates are often off-screen. Players find them selves out in the open, down the centre corridor, with a free shot at goal all to often. AI is sluggish- When you would expect any individual with any sense of AFL footy to pass the ball before being tackled, the AI keeps running allowing you to tackle them and recieve a free kick. There is no longevity to AFL LIVE 2003 whatsoever- There is one 22 game season, along with a four game (maximum) final series. Only 26 games worth! Compare this to Acclaim's (who made AFL LIVE 2003) Allstar Baseball 2003 (20 -162 games seasons +Plus playoffs).

Sound: Another let down on the part of the developer. The games are commented on by Gary Lyon and Steve Quatermain, but they obviously only spent 3 minutes in the recording studio. There are about three different comments for each commentator. The sound gets repetitive after 10 minutes. On a plus side, all 16 teams come out to the sound of their respective team song.

SOUND: 1.3/10
Overall: 4/10

evil xbox king
10-27-2002, 05:08 PM
Do any other Australian's visit this board?

10-27-2002, 05:13 PM
Originally posted by evil xbox king
Do any other Australian's visit this board?

Yep ;)

I haven't had a chance to play it actually, wasn't expecting to much. :)

Thanks for the heads up though, maybe I can warn a friend of mine and at least get him to rent it first. :)