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11-08-2002, 06:49 AM
yeap the gamespot review here it is::

A new hockey season has just started, and that's a cue for the next game in EA Sports' NHL series to hit the shelves. The NHL series has always delivered an unparalleled simulation of hockey on the platforms it's been released on, and each year's version is filled with roster updates and gameplay improvements, though little else. With that said, you're not crazy if you think NHL 2003 looks like last year's version at first glance. There are only a few improvements to help distinguish it from NHL 2002, but these changes further increase the realism of what is considered the best hockey simulation on the market.

You're not crazy if you think NHL 2003 looks like last year's version at first glance.

The NHL series has always stood out as an outstanding simulation of hockey, both in terms of visual flair and realism. This year's installment has enough options and customizable elements to satisfy gamers of all skill levels and tastes. Those wishing for a fast-paced, action-packed game can turn off all the rules and hop right into a game, while hard-core fans can edit lines and create players to match roster changes during the real hockey season. You'll find a handful of game modes to suit your taste at any given moment. You can simply hop onto the ice in the play-now mode, play an international game, play through a playoff series, or start a franchise. The franchise mode will put you in charge of a team for a 10-year span. You can either play every game during a season or simulate each game and take a strictly managerial role. After each season, you have the option to play around with your roster in preparation for next year's season. You can draft new players, sign free agents, make trades with other teams, and retire old players. Statistics are kept throughout the life span of a franchise in several different categories.

Despite the AI issues that continue to plague the series, NHL 2003 is a fun and realistic hockey game.

There are only a couple of new additions to the NHL series this year. The only one to affect the gameplay in a significant manner is the dynamic deke control. You can now use the right stick to execute manual dekes and skate any which way around an opponent. At first it'll seem like a novelty feature, since you already have a deke button, but you'll find that it allows for some fancy maneuvers on the ice. If you perform a regular deke, your player will skate in a straight line and will sometimes pass right by the net if the deke is performed too late in an attack. A manual deke will let the player twist around to set up a pass or align a shot. It'll take some practice to get the timing down, but it will eventually become a routine in your games.

The gameplay is as solid as ever in this year's iteration. Even though it has some faults, the AI allows for a smooth and realistic game. If you take your center to the right of the rink, your right wing will shift over to cover the position you abandoned. The series' goalie AI has been improved every year, and NHL 2003 is no different. The goalie will make spectacular saves and move out of the net to grab a loose puck that has wandered to your side of the rink if it's safe to do so. You can use a few different kinds of checks when you don't have the puck, and they are useful in varying scenarios. For example, a poke check will knock the puck from an opponent when you are facing him, while a big hit will knock the player off his feet. The computer also does a good job of adapting to the coaching strategies you have selected. In fact, you can set different strategies for each line, depending on the players' abilities and strengths. It's not a necessary element, but it's a good feature for the hard-core player looking to increase the level of realism in the game.

11-08-2002, 07:01 AM
Ugh. EA makes me so thankful that Sega is releasing NHL2k3 soon. EA's game is so pitiful it's not even funny, plus Sega's game is Live enabled!