View Full Version : RCA TV with VPORT for Xbox Connection

11-09-2002, 11:20 AM
Hey. Does anyone have the RCA TV with VPORT? Its made especially for the Xbox and I was wondering if any of you had it and if so, is it good? Here is a picture of the 27":


...and the 32":



11-09-2002, 10:59 PM
The only thing VPORT does is sell RCA TVs...buying a decent television with component inputs is higly advised now adays...

The good thing is that the RCA VPORT enabled TVs are a bit cheaper when compared to something like a Sony Wega, but the Wega is a nicer television anyway. Bottom line is if you cant save up your $$ a VPORT TV will allow for a very good connection to the xbox...but the flat tube on a Wega makes the Xbox so happy...

If you are still playing with that weak yellow composite cable, upgrade and you wont be sorry.

11-10-2002, 04:59 AM
I have the 36in RCA Xbox TV. I love the TV. It's big, bright and the sound is awesome right out of the box. The TV remote works the DVD kit on the Xbox with no extra work. I haven't bought the VPORT cable yet. I thought it came with the TV. The Best Buy salesman told me it did, he was wrong. No hard feelings though. The TV is great. A consumer group, (I forgot the name) rated this TV the best deal for a 36in. I paid 749 for mine. The only problem is that it weighs 190 pounds and 39.5 inches wide. It's hard to find a pedestal for it because of the weight and the width. But I eventually found one that can support the weight. It's still lighter than a Sony the same size. It has a side RCA jack in a concealed port, a S-VID and Component Jack in the back. I'm using the Component Input right now. May not get the Vport Cable if it's no better than Component. Anyway, I like it and Halo is so much better on a bigger screen.