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11-09-2002, 08:12 PM
This is the Game Informer Article From The December Issue, I typed it up myself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The wrestling you see on television isnt the whole story. those well paid behomoths all started with much more modest roots its in the smoky nightclubs and speedy bars where stars begin their jouney. all of them had to pay their dues in front of rowdy, unfogiving crowds to get to the top. ea big combines this spirit of independent wrestling with the equally gritty hip hop culture for def jam venetta.
yes, there are real rappers that you wrestle with or as. but well talk about that later, especially since that fact pobably worries grappling purists. first lets lets talk about the engine. which is done by AKI. whos AKI you ask? do the names wcw revenge, and wwf no mercy ring any bells? yes this is the same jappanise development house that produced those n64 classics, along with virtual pro wrestling 2 in japan widely regarded as the best wrestling game ever (sorry, NES pro wrestling fans). this means that the action will be exremely authentic, and the gameplay will be insanely deep.
Its apparent this is a wrestling game at first, and a rap music vehicle sound.
AKI's games have shown versatility by giving you variets of moves for every angle and situation; and from our short time playing def jam vendetta this tradition is upheld. the game boasts 1500 animations, and two finishers and taunts for each of the 45 characters.
thers also a storyline to all the brawling and grapling. former champs are trying to recapture lost glory. up and comers are hungry for recignition. ea promises a ton of drama along with the bumps and buises. mathces take place as single, tag team, handicap, or free for all affairs.
okay now about the rappers ther are a dozen well known ef jam arists who appear as characters in the game, Ludacris, DMX, Ghostface Killa, Scarface, and all the others obviusly have the ability to talk a good game. now, well get to see if they can back it up. each one is contibuted input on his character and move set, inculding the taunts and signature moves, also expect to hear new songs from thses guys blaring out of your speakers as you play. See wrestling game purist? theres nothin to worry about! everthing is gonna be alright.
With legends of wrestling appealing to hardcore fans and THQ's WWE games expanding the genre but not scoring many pinfals the marked it wide open for Def Jam Vengetta to come in and make a killing. Yeah, its got rap but it also has the expertise of the best wresling game developer the world has ever seen SO THERE.