View Full Version : Madden 2002 or NFL Fever 2002????

11-16-2001, 06:41 AM
What's the difference??? Is NFL Fever A.I too smart??? Is Madden's graphics dodgy????

Reverend Love
11-16-2001, 09:15 AM
I've read that Madden 2002 is better due to graphics and superior game play. I've played Madden 2002 for the PS2 and it's a great, franchise mode adds incredible depth to the game.

The reivew mentioned that they've made up for the jagged graphics, stupid pass defense A.I. (Curls, Outs, and crossing patterns and unstoppable in the PS2 version).

I'm myself am going Madden.

Reverend Love

11-17-2001, 02:36 PM
having played both, Fever is the superior game, no question, so much funner. graphics are much prettier, gameplay is smoother and more fluid, and its balanced better. The hardness levels really work well. madden is a solid game, but you are blind if you think they compete with the Fever graphics. madden is a slower paced game with from my gameplay experience has more flaws as to things that are unstoppable on offense, and its gameplay is boring.

11-17-2001, 03:23 PM
I played both and I ended up buying Madden. The depth of the game is great. The graphics might not look as nice as NFL Fever but they aren't far behind. But after playing both of them I just felt madden had more depth to it.

My suggestion is try them both, otherwise it is hard to decide.

l Maximus l
11-19-2001, 05:06 PM
I bought Fever after playing both of them...I'm a big time gamer and have played every football game known to man and I can honestly say with a straight face that Fever is the best Football game I have played. Keep in mind that I have only owned it for 2 1/2 days and I don't use the word "Best", especially when talking about football games, very lightly.

The graphics are simply breathtaking...If I were to improve anything with the game, I would say that the commentary should step up a notch...I would like to hear the Fox Sports Commentators scream their heads off while making a bad ass play...or making a touchdown instead of just saying "Touch down, that was super." lol ...I'm not saying that the commentary is bad, i'm just saying that it could be better...a little more dramatic, if you will.

11-19-2001, 05:31 PM
well maximus, thanx to you, I am buying fever.

Gotta listen to a man who loves beer :)

l Maximus l
11-20-2001, 05:16 PM
lol, KviK...here's to you :D


11-25-2001, 01:50 PM
Well I purchased both straight out of the box and have mixed emotions on both of them. The games are geared to different types of sports players.

Fever is made with the NFL2K series players in mind. Meaning, you can sit in the pocket and wing the football down field for 80 yard gains. The graphics in Fever 2002 are far superior to Madden 2002. The A.I. is very intelligent and makes the over all game play better. The player controls for Fever are better then madden.

However, if you are a "Dynasty" or "Franchise" player. Meaning you like to create a few of your own players or take an existing team all the way year after year for 25 seasons. Fever is not the game for you. There are two glitches that make this difficult. One, the player names that are shown above the players makes it difficult to establish a run game. You simply can not see the holes or the offensive line. If you play with three or four of your friends, forget it. You won't see the line at all. The camera angles are disappointing. The majority of the default angles cut off the wide recievers on offense. So when the QB goes to hike the ball you can't see the routes the WR are running. You can of course adjust the camera angles but in order to bring the WR's into view you have to zoom out the camera. This makes the players extermely small and if you were having a hard time finding the holes to run before, you simply won't be able to run except to the outside with the camera zoomed out. The reason this is a problem is because of the superior Aritificial Intelligence (A.I.). If you can't establish a running a game the computer will pick up on it and will make passing almost impossible because it knows you can't and won't run. The last negative to the "Dynasty" mode is the inability to change the quarter lengths. They are set at 5 minutes and that is that. I read that in the beta release it was an option. I can only assume that someone failed to encorporate it into the final retail release. If you are a "Dynatsy" type player you will find this a slight bug in your ass.

Madden's graphics are not impressive. Especially after you see what Fever has done. The game play is more leveled though. Meaning, unlike Fever, in pure play mode you can't thoughly dominate and whip up on everyone. The play is pretty much equal on both sides of the play to what the teams were when the game was being made.

However, if you are an arcade style player Madden is not for you. Big game plays that you could frequently pull off in games like Fever and NFL2Kx on a regular basis you can't pull off in Madden. Madden won't allow for "super dives". So you actually have to be near the player with the ball to tackle them. No longer can you be across the field and "super dive" for the stop like Fever and NFL2Kx. However, if you are running left and want to stop and run right. Your players makes a 30 yard U-turn (ok I am exagerating this a little) to change direction. But, in Madden you can see the line and run. Although the runs are at times a little rediculous. If you are Jerome Bettis you break 8 tackles each run and it will take the entire secondary to tackle you.

The "Frachsise" mode in Madden I like. It is very customizable and is the way it should be. Every option is changeable (at least the ones I wanted to change). The camera angles in Madden have an actual "wide screen" view (very helpful if you have a wide screen t.v.) but by default, you can see the WR's.

Bottom line: If you are an arcade style player Fever is your game. The graphics are stunning and game play fun.

If you are a "Franchise" player, Madden is your game. The field of play is more level the option for your team are better.

While both have negatives and positives Fever is a little more fun to play overall (even for a Franchise player like myself). If Madden could take notes from Fever as far as game play and player control and Fever could take notes from madden regarding customizing game play, a fairer playing level (i.e. no across the field super dives), and screen layout both games would be extremley fun to play and very competatives. Then it would truley come down to what can one offer that another doesn't.

If this is your first Football game, get NFL Fever 2002, you may find Madden a bit frustrating at first.

p.s. forgive the spelling mistakes I am writing this on a computer with our spellchecker and I am very dependant on it LOL!