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11-11-2002, 05:18 AM
I got blinx on Friday, been playin it all weekend, top game. After just a few hours I was thinking, “wow this is good”. The graphics are amazing, the controls easy to use. The depth of it only begins to be noticed after the first 2 levels, once you get to grips with the time crystals, like know which ones do what, trying to get the right combos becomes a vital part of the gameplay. Offing the monsters is fun and from level 3 onwards-frantic stuff. You can replay earlier levels, and once you've increased your vacuums sucking power get to parts of the level, you couldn't reach before, plus all time crystals are carried over, so if you need pause, (some time controls are needed to progress, without them your stuck, and times ticking away) you can get it on an easier level, take it to a harder one. I’m on level 4 stage 2, believe me it's a tricky one, I’ve been on it a while, much biting of the pad, and swearing at the telly, but always it’s “just one more go”. I’m not a huge platform fan, but love a good game, and have been well and truly bitten by the blinx bug. The only few gripes you get are the camera angles can be a hinder, mostly when you at a doorway with enemies in front, but easily forgivable. Also you think it’s a bit too easy at first, believe me it soon becomes rock hard later on plus you have ten minutes to get through a level, seems fine at first but later, with 12 seconds left, a monster needing one more shot to kill, and nothing in sight to fire at him, gets the swearing going. For me blinx is the second best game on the xbox after halo, and my collection is growing, and contains such gems as timesplitters 2, rocky, dead or alive 3, project gotham, nhl 2002, quantum redshift, fifa 2003. Blinx has grabbed me in way that only halo did before, just threw the gameplay, and quality of it, plus it leaves the field behind in terms of innovation, one of the reasons I bought an xbox.

11-11-2002, 08:48 AM
Heh...wait till you get to the final boss...you'll be making a trip to get a new controller and TV set :eek:

11-11-2002, 03:36 PM
I too think blinx is an awsome game.I am yet to pass the 3rd world but will be soon and i can already say i love this game.Aybody who might be scepticle about buying it, just give it a chance (it has had a few sketchy reviews) you'll have more fun than you would playing any other xbox title out at the moment.The game is highly playable,ignore those who say the time feature is a GIMMICK because its plain to see that it truly is well implemented.The graphics are stunning, the way the atmosphere changes with the time effects seems so cosy, that sounds stupid but its true, damn this game has me talking like a girl.