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11-16-2001, 01:02 PM
Hey Guys,

I recently copied some of my cd's to my xbox hard drive and I can't seem to figure out how to play that "Playlist" on any of my games. Is there a certain way to do It or does the game have to support this feature?



11-16-2001, 01:03 PM
Does anyone know anything about playing burnt CD's on xbox? I tried and It didn't recognize the cd.. just thougt I'd ask.


l Maximus l
11-16-2001, 01:34 PM
Pimpn...I haven't tried it yet...but, this is how I think you can do it: Once you burn all the tracks you want, put in the game and select the music option...and then select your playlist...I have PGR (I only played this for 20 minutes...but, much more playing tonight and tomorrow) and it seems to me this is how you do it. Give it a shot and let me know if it works...this is what I plan on doing.

11-16-2001, 08:52 PM
On my Cel Damage game the only "music" selection under options Is the music volume.. I can't figure It out?!?


11-16-2001, 09:19 PM
I am fairly sure that the game has to support the feature.

11-17-2001, 03:28 AM
you will know if it supports it when you go to the soud screen on your game to turn the volume an effects up an down if it dont have soundtrack on it you cant do it so farr i only have one game that has that and that fusion frenzy oh an as farr as burnt cd's it only read certain kind like fugi cd's

11-17-2001, 10:16 AM
i think the soundtracks would be geared towards racing games. you cant use it on just any game.

11-17-2001, 11:39 AM
i put music in gotham under options music manager and added the songs i wanted with the add featre

11-17-2001, 01:00 PM
I did it in 4x4 evo 2

11-17-2001, 03:02 PM
If you play a track on the cd player in your xbox, and you press Y, then X, a G-force-style screen comes up with trippy effects dictated by the music. This works in the same manner as the one on the PSX, but the effects are way better.