View Full Version : {-AtF- XBOX Clan} RECRUITING NOW!

Shop Vac Wiser
11-13-2002, 11:54 PM
-AtF-XBOX is the newest section, to are older pc clan, i created -AtF-XBOX to move are clan out from the pc world and into the console world. In the -AtF- pc clan we have about 15 to 20 people, but for are new xbox section we only have 4 right now.

1. If you are interested in maybe joining the clan, check out the -AtF- pc website at www.atfhq.com, there is no -AtF-XBOX website yet, but one is being made.

2. The earlier you join the better the chance you have of getting in, and the better your ranking is [sgt.pvt.major].

3. The games we are deciding to host are Mechassualt, Ghost Recon, Unreal and other undecided ones.

4. If you want to get back to my clan on this, go to www.stixfx.com, register, then go to the -AtF- team forums, or just get back to me useing this thread... POST HERE!

My email is abercrombie_guy68@hotmail.com