View Full Version : Are all of you out there as excited as I am?

11-20-2002, 12:46 AM
Although I can't use Xbox Live because of my dorms, :( , I sold my account to a friend of mine and play it over there. What a great service! It's so easy and fun and innovative.

Then of course we have these great games, finally. Splinter Cell has me jacked like no game before. Ghost Recon is sweet. The 2K3 Series has finally proven to almost everyone that they are superior to EA Sports (check almost all of the net reviews). Unreal Championship, despite my thoughts, is a big hit. Jedi Outcast is a great game in my opinion. Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance is the best fighter I've ever played. Medal of Honor and Metal Gear ports are better than the PS2 originals. Rocky is getting good reviews. The best thing is that we have even more to look forward to with the upcoming Brute Force, Mafia, Mace Griffin, Fable, Star Wars Galaxies, True Fantasy Live, and the greatest game since Halo, Halo 2.

Lastly, the new Xbox bundles are selling much better, and our customer base is increasing. It looks like Xbox is finally making the right moves, and we might have an edge over Sony's stale ass when the next-next-gen systems launch!