View Full Version : Note of concern; PS2´s The Getaway looks better than Xbox´s GTA3 or TestDrive

05-19-2001, 02:49 PM
I thought that the power of the Xbox and it´s superior programming capabilities would rock every single PS2 game . But that ain´t so. The photo realistic graphics of PS2´s the Getaway are amazing. London looks f´kng great, way better than in for example Metropolis Street Racer (ported to Xbox; proj. Gotham).

The Getaway is the "Driver" version for the PS2 in terms of graphics and gameplay. I though that Grand Theft Auto 3 and Test Drive was going to be even better but after watching some movies of these two games I´m really dissapointed. GTA3 looks really crappy and Test Drive looks ok but I was expecting more for an Xbox game. Probably P. Gotham will look great but I am not so sure about gameplay. First, it is a port of a Dreamcast game which look fantastic but was really boring. I played MSR for a week, got into the 11th level. But I got bored because whats so fun of racing to get a new race track which differs from the last one in two curves. And the Kudos system... give me a break... if a want to win a race let it be my way, not the cpu´s way. And this time there will be even less cars to choose from.

I LOVED DRIVER, loved the feeling of being chased by cops and going anywhere I wanted. And that Is what The Getaway is going to deliver with superior graphics. So I PLEDGE XBOX GAME DEVELOPERS TO REALLY SQUEEZE THE XBOX´S POWER TO IT´S LIMITS. I HATE THIS TREND WHERE THE FIRST SCREENSHOTS LOOKS GREAT BUT WHEN THE FOOTAGE IS RELEASED ALL THE MAGIC IS GONE.

05-20-2001, 09:03 PM
Riiight, and have you seen any actual screenshots of the game, or better yet in game videos? The first round of shots released were renders. The second ones up now on PS2.ign.com are supposed to be in game, but since no movies have been released it is questionable. Considering the early "screenshots" were touted as real time for so long, I think it only makes sense to wait to see some actual footage of the game. Nothing was seen at E3 as far as I know, and that kind of makes you wonder...

- JavaJones

05-21-2001, 06:07 PM
Even if you are right, SHOULD´NT WE EXPECT THE XBOX TO DELIVER THOSE PS2 RENDERS? It has da Power, Right? My concern is not that the PS2 is capable or not, the ISSUE is that the Xbox SHOULD deliver that Quality. I am reading hundreds of reports of how poor the Xbox games looked. FOR GODS SHAKE Have you seen a headline here at XBOXADDICT mentioning how Incredible, unbeliebable, photorealistic, were the graphics in such and such game?? NOT. Halo was presented at E3 at 640x480, what happened to those Screenshots?? I AM AFRAID THAT THE XBOX´S INITIAL LINE UP ARE ALL PORTS FROM PC GAMES (OR GAMES THAT WERE PLANNED TO BE RELEASED ON A PC, AND THEN PORTED TO XBOX), SO LIKE PS2, WHICH WILL BE GETTING QUALITY GAMES AFTER 2 YEARS OF IT´S LAUNCH, SAME WILL HAPPEN TO XBOX, MEAN WHILE WE WILL BE GETTING PORTS OF CANCELLED(OR NOT) "GOOD"(MAYBE) PC GAMES.

05-21-2001, 08:05 PM
Yes Getaway looks way better then GTA3 and Gotham Racing. Also if you have seen Stuntman and GT3 for PS2 you will once again repeat those words. GT3 kicks ass. Good gameplay, best looking, buncha cars= Very good, fun, and succesful games. And by the way those were real screens of the getaway.