View Full Version : Xbox warranty question, getting your money back? (Circuit City people)

11-23-2002, 12:40 AM
I remember reading on a forum somewhere about a couple of cases where people had warranties for their Xboxes and when they went down to the store where they purchased it, they returned it (since their systems were defective). They mentioned that after a couple weeks they received a check for $300. Now my question is...

I have an extra Xbox that was purchased for $300. I want to get rid of it and was about to put it up on eBay but I just remembered about the warranty that I have for it. The Xbox and warranty are from Circuit City. Is there any possible way I could get the $300 for it, maybe by pretending there is something wrong with it? Any ideas? Does Circuit City even give cash back on warranted products, or does it just offer repair service?

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