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11-23-2002, 12:15 PM
Yes B.C.!

I asked some more questions about B.C.

I asked the developers of course.

All questions and ansewrs are listed here.

1 Me. Is there any special characters that need to survive in BC?
1 Them. That's a secret.

2 Me. Are you planning to write a Game Guide for BC?
2 Them. I'm sure there will be on produced.

3 Me. Is there any mini-games in BC?
3 Them. That's a secret.

4 Me. What kinds of tasks is there in BC?
4 Them. That's a secret.

5 Me. Is there any other MADE UP creatures in BC expect DINOSAURS?
5 Them. Not all creatures in BC are dinosaurs. They are all based on real creatures.

6 Me. When night comes in BC do dinosaurs may attack your camp?
6 Them. That's a secret.

7 Me. Is there any special hidden weapons in BC?
7 Them. That's a secret.

8 Me. Is there bosses in the game? I love bosses!
8 Them. That's a secret.

9 Me. Are you planning to make any SPECIAL COMBAT SYSTEM FOR BC?
9 Them. Yes.

10 Me. Can you pleae send me some screenshots by E-mail?
10 Them. Sorry - we will be adding screenshots to the website occasionally.

11 Me. Is ther any people you need to rescue from dinosaurs?
11 Them. That's a secret.

12 Me. what kind of training did you made in BC?
12 Them. That's a secret.

13 Me. What happens when you lose all your tribe?
13 Them. Game Over.

14 Me. Is there something like a task? Like a task where you need
to kill a special dinosaur, a dinosaur that hides a very powerful weapon?

14 Them That's a secret.

15 Me. When you start the game, what you have to do first?
Do you get a weapon instantly or do you have to search for one?
15 Them. That's a secret.

16 Me. Do you and your tribe talks to you?
16 Them. That's a secret.

17 Me. Can you eat flowers?
17 Them. Some vegetation is eadible.

18 Me. Can you eat things that grow from trees in the game?
18 Them. Yes.

19. Is the game goes by levels or just goes and goes?
19 Them. That's a secret.

20 Me. When you kill dinosaurs is there like a blood oozing out of them?
20 Them. Yes.

21 Me. When dinosaurs fall on the ground does the earth shakes?
21 Them. Yes.

I know it was stupid for them to say That's a secret. WHy they said that? It's dumb!

I hope this inf helps you out.

Please reply.l

Thank you.

11-23-2002, 12:19 PM
Thanks for the info Leo! Hasn't been much news on this game lately, so this is much appreciated. In a way, its good they say "thats a secret", that way you'll discover so much more when you actually get to play the game! I think my favorite Q&A is that the ground will shake when the dinosaurs fall to the ground. Thats gonna be pretty cool with the rumble pack on the controller

11-23-2002, 12:43 PM
Thankx for the info man. I dont see why they said Its a secret...if they were hiding something, its pretty obvious...and if they were not hiding anything, im sure they would just say no...so i expect alot from this game.