View Full Version : What should I get?

11-24-2002, 10:16 PM
Mechassult was fun when I played it at Future Shop but Sega GT is a cool game I played at my friends. I need help which one to get.

11-25-2002, 01:46 AM
I didnt really like gt. i havent played ma but i would go with that.

Dark Enemy
11-25-2002, 03:53 AM
Go wit mech, and if u get live it will be even better, i personally didnt like sega gt

11-25-2002, 04:20 AM
both are good, if you have xbox live get mech assualt and if you dont get sega GT

11-25-2002, 04:40 AM
Get MA. Im not a racing fan :rolleyes: