View Full Version : Sega Gt2002- Engine Help Question??

11-25-2002, 12:56 PM
whats up fellow racers??

has anybody else had any trouble in getting the upgrades in the season 2 event races?

i've raced the hot hatch,group b, and touring car races w/perfect and 1st place finishes but i never get the upgrades... what's up?

when i raced the super car event i won the caspita...but as for parts upgrades, these 3 never open up...

any help would be great..

p.s what's your fastest 1/4 mile time/car...
mine are listed in another thread if you'd care to see them..or post yours..

11-25-2002, 04:01 PM
The reason is that you competed in these races in Season 1. I know, it sucks. I have had to restart two times because of this. My first game I acquired all the cars. My second game I received all the parts. Now, on my third game, I have all the parts, and all the cars except for the Hot Hatch ones. And I had $1.7 Million in my first game!

11-26-2002, 08:20 AM
thanks so much for the help !!!

geeez.... that really stinks!!!!

so if i want the clio sport in season1, i'm just out of luck for the s.racing muffler, in the season2 race of the same name?
are you really serious.... what's up with that!!!

ya think they would have metioned some of these little details in the manual huh.....

this will be my 3rd time restarting too, the first time i sold the tipo, then afterwards i decided i wanted it for my collection.oops...

and whats up w/the loading times for every menu...hello sega,this is the xbox, it has a hard drive, how about using it...

signed, ready to go back to gt3:mad: :)

11-26-2002, 11:18 AM
Whoa........so let me get this straight.....if you complete lets say, the Hot Hatch event in season 1, and you win a car prize or something.....that negates you from winning the prize awarded for season 2? I didn't know this. I was wondering why some people had Stage 3 turbines!! I thought I had all of the available stuff, but I guess not. I beat the game about a month and a half ago and really haven't played it since. However, I own about 40 cars and have been just messing around, trying to get all of them totally suped out. I'm ****ed now that there is stuff that I don't have, which I can never win!!! Is this true?? That sucks!!

11-26-2002, 03:29 PM
Yes, it's all true. Altho, you can win the Battle of 90's and Super Car Event races in Season 1 and win the Season 2 prizes for them. But you can't do the same for the Hot Hatch Event. And I don't think you can win in the Group B Monsters and Touring Car Races in Season 1 and then win the prizes in Season 2. So, if you're starting over, and want to unlock every available part and as many cars as possible, just don't do the Hot Hatch Event, Group B Monsters and Touring Car Races in Season 1. I'm pretty sure you can compete in the Winding Road Race in Season 1 and still win the Season 2 prize.

signed, still never going back to GT