View Full Version : Halo and... DTS or Dolby Digital?

11-18-2001, 06:54 PM
I just bought the high definition pack and oh my god! Like the xbox is to other consoles, DD or DTS is to plain stereo and even regular Dolby surround sound . To anyone who is a graphics whore you'll be an audio whore after hearing it in 5.1. It is almost impossible to describe the audio ecstasy one experiences from having explosions rumble your room...shrapnel hitting behind you to your left or right. The spatial audio cues tell you exactly where the baddies are coming from. Sorry for the stream of conciousness.

By the way, any audiophiles out there have a preference to DD or DTS? I think the bass is stronger in DTS...overall the sound seems to be louder and crisper. I run my box through a sony de945 receiver.

11-19-2001, 12:52 AM
Do you need an Advanced pack or a high Def. pack in order to get 5.1! Cause I got a Yamaha RX V1000 and i dont know if I need either of those packs to get DTS or DD to work.....??????

11-19-2001, 02:51 AM
Yea #2 you need to get the advance av pack or the high definition av pack form monster cable and get an optical output cord. You do have optical in's on your reciver don't you?!

11-19-2001, 08:53 AM
actually ms also puts out hi-def and s-vid packs at a much
lower cost. $19 vs $79 and $59 respectively.
I have never used monstercable...prohibitive cost. I use the
lowercost acoustic research.
I have not had luck getting someone to show me monster cable and acoustic research side by side. I am curious if anyone
has. I hear the hype of monster cable but am leery.
Really, how noticeable is the change? I have a jvc 32" d-502.
It's no slouch in its respective category, I think. It has 800 lines of resolution which for this size is usually around the 500-700 range(if memory serves from the research I did when deciding).

Maybe that's the problem...sales associates are more likely to
hook up to a hi def system where minor enhancements are
actually noticeable to the commoner off the street.

11-20-2001, 03:52 PM
It doesn't make sense to me that you would need the Advanced AV-Kit or HDTV Kit to get Dolby Pro-logic, since the encoding for that can be delivered within the stero signal on standard RCA jacks.

But the microsoft site says that the AV-Kit is to be used to get Dolby Pro-logic.

Does anyone know if Dolby Pro-logic is supported with the the standard av-connection that come with the x-box?

11-20-2001, 06:39 PM
But you will not get true 5.1 sound. My receiver(sony) has a blue light which signals 5.1 sound...either dolby digital or dts. If the standard ms av/hi def pack sound so blissful, I can only imagine what monster cable sounds like.