View Full Version : if sega could dream up a dreamcast 2, it looks like an xbox.

11-20-2001, 12:52 AM
i owned a dreamcast. how could i not? soul calibur and sonic right at launch. and if you never played soul calibur you missed the best fighting game ever made. sonic was more of a techincal demo then a fun game..but it was very sweet in any case.

it was home to the best games i played since we dumped our sprite engines and went three dee. the psone and n64 didnt really have the power to do 3d justice. thats why so many n64 games look textureless and simple. (low polygon abilitys, memery buffers and cartridge formats to blame. ) psone has great 3d games...but almost all the best looking ones have prerendered backgrounds. its that way because its just not pretty otherwise. not enough power.

but then came the dreamcast. it certainly did not need prerendered backgounds. it had mountains of memory compared to the n64. it had many great games in a short period of time. online out of the box, check. cool design, check. marketing, check. gamers trust that they would not abandon it just like the 32x and saturn systems..er...ill get back to you. but sega dreamcast games rocked. jet grind radio, phanasty star online, daytona online, shenmue, crazy taxi, heck even sega tennis was fun. and so on. thats not mentioning games like soul calibur, code veronica, and quake online. no waiting forever for the next good release like nintendo. the titles pored out. ebbed quality. but the masses do not know a good thing when they see it or they where dreaming of a crappy ps2 launch. or waiting to see who wins or had there heart set on a gamecube or xbox.

i will allways remember it. but maybe its for the best. cus now i have an xbox. many times the power. cd jukebox and dvd capability. music ripping broadband more polys than i can count. the most powerfull gaming device ever created. and lookie here. more sega titles than i can count too. many just for xbox

panzer dragoon x
shenmue 2-3
phantasy star online x
jet grind radio future
crazy taxi next
all them sega sports titles
sega gt x

and thats just off the top of my head . i think theres a few more i cant think of just now. heck its online like the dreamcast was. it has the innovation like the dreamcast. even that game controller is strikingly like a dreamcast one. (which feels just fine. but i will get 2 of the us ones and two of the smaller redesigned cool japan ones for multiplayer.) and its also the underdog like the dreamcast. yes we all want the big M to succeed. and i think it will crush the compition too. but you cant not notice it. the ps2 masses. even on xbox launch day...they sold out every ps2 in my town. and there was a few xboxes left unsold. i saw one person grab the last ps2 in the store and not think twice. i told her you sure i cant offer you a nice big green xbox...and she said no way. granted i live in a small town, but its nothing thats not all over. the xbox will crush the ps2 hype...but it wont happen overnight. a few more halos and word of mouths. a several more good killer apps, and give the masses a chance to see the ps2 experience compared to xboxes and the ps2 sales will slow.

early adopters aready know. the xbox is here to stay. it rocks. and maybe them new sega titles will make the dreamcast failure not so bad after all. sega is a smart cookie for dumping the hardware market. now we get the "dreamcast" on crack....the xbox.

11-20-2001, 07:23 AM
The only problem is that Sega is a partner of MS now and they will use Xbox technology for their next gemeration of Arcades, plus all the dreamcast title developed by Sega are going to come out on Xbox.

scarecrow kfj
11-20-2001, 10:46 AM
As far as the launches go xbox had more systems avail than sony and are pushing more out weekly than sony. Thats why it looks like it isnt selling as many. Sony used it as a marketing hype to get people to buy there systems with out thinking. Keep up with the jones and you snooze you loze was what was going on. With them being sold out it had people thinking this has got to be it. other wise why would it be sold out. MS is like you want one come and get it. Bill stated in an article that he wants to make sure there are enough units in the stores for christmas that it dosnt get like sony.

11-20-2001, 02:45 PM
The dreamcast is one of the best systems ever. The only problem was Sega flopped with the Saturn and I think everyone shyed away from the Dreamcast. I'm just now coming off my Q3A addiction which lasted almost a year! Its just too bad no one really appreciated the DC more. Favorite DC games:

1. Q3A
2. GTA2
3. Soul Reaver
4. Shadowman