View Full Version : NCAA College BBall Impressions

12-12-2002, 08:33 AM
After playing a couple of games last night here are some initial impressions:

Seems to look more like NBA 2K2 rather than 2K3 (with a polished look), overall not bad graphically but why revert back to an old game?

Gameplay is somewhat fluid although player collision detection and rim detection when you slam are a little off, player animation isn't awkward though when running, ducking, diving.

The sound is okay, but the announcers are crap (I mean sheeesh they are dumb) and the background music 'sort of' goes with the game, but it gives you a college feel. It's pretty funy to hear a single fan yell out something ina game though (stupid drunk guy).

I started a Legacy last night with Youngstown (you can begin a Legacy mode with fairly weak teams in you want) and created a player that surprisingly looked alot like myself. One cool thing you can do is give all players actual names from an enormous list of first and last names, I was able to name the CAP after me, pretty cool I can finally live out my fantasies of being a NCAA star ha (a really cool feature is hearing the announcers talk about you during a game even if they do suck).

Sorry for the somewhat short impression but I'm at work, but wanted to let all of you NCAA fans that this game should at least deserve a looksee, it has its flaws but I think many of you should enjoy it.