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Acid Snow
02-01-2003, 11:43 AM
Some of you may find these game types to be really fun! And if you want to spice up your LAN game or System-Link, or Split Screen take a look:

My top 5 fav custom game types in HALO are:

Acid 1 Shot
In this game everyone has a ShotGun, and 50% life, and NO shields. So its basically 1 to 3 shots to die (depending on the distance). First to 25 killz... Its fun, and fast. "No Radar"

Acid Cloak
Plasma weapons ONLY, 50% life 50% shield = die kinda fast, but due to the weakness of the plasma guns, it all equals out just well. All cloaked. First to 15 kills. "No Radar"

Acid Wack
"Pistoles" only (including the plasma pistole) with Normal health and shield. BUT because the pistole wacks slower then the Plasma Pistole, its a good idea to pick up the faster wacker (yes there is some stratagy to the game). No shooting. First to 10 kills. "Yes Radar"

Acid Sticky
Everyone has 150% health and 150% shield, and infinite Grenades, (set to Plasma Weapons, so you ONLY have Plasma grenades), you stick one on them = they die, but you can take allot from the plasmas blast radius. First to 10 kills. "Yes Radar"

Hog Wars
Invisible Player, 400% health, 400% shield, infinate grenades, Pistoles. Set game (from Slayer) to "Race" so everyone gets a WartHog. Then run into eachother to knock their cars over, and the player out, then run them over! NO SHOOTING, grenades are acceptable to knock other enemy-drivers out (if you are on foot and being pesterd by a fellow driver). 5 Lives. "No Radar"

You all got any?

02-01-2003, 03:03 PM
Stealth: No radar, all invisible, all sniper. Set to slayer. (Warning: this can be one long and boring game, so set the kills low.)

Boom: All rockets, infinite grenades, no shield, normal health, invisible, no radar. Best played on damnation, or wizard.

All out war: Slayer, all vehicles, human weapons, no shields, no radar, blood gulch or sidewinder.

First blood: invisible, no shield, all pistols, less then normal health, chiron map.

Insane: Chiron map, rockets, inf-grenades, no shields, no radar. (Warning: can be a quick game)

There are more, but I need to check my game at home, I forgot the rest.

02-02-2003, 01:56 AM
We have a Jeep Wars, and a game we call Snipers. Its team based, you have either 5 or 1 life, regular health, and all sniping weapons. Its very hectic, try it out.