View Full Version : NBA2k3 questions

02-04-2003, 12:17 PM
for all my REAL nba2k3 playaz out there,

what is the best set of game options(meaning the sliders) to get the most realistic game?

If I turn the sliders up...the computer doesn't miss and shoots like 70%, if I turn them down it's like 25% shooting!!!!!!
I noticed all of the sliders excluding the ratings sliders are divided into 40 increments...is this the shot percentage...meaning....if i turn it all the way up they won't miss or all the way down they miss everything?????

Next couple questions:

How does the off/def awareness affect the players, i don't see any change when i mess with those sliders?????

FINALLY, who is the best online NBA 2k3 gamer on XboxAddict so I know who I gotta trample when I get my dsl next week????lol

holla back youngins!!!!!!!!