View Full Version : Street Fighter 4" figures coming this year!

Liquid Gears
02-13-2003, 01:47 AM
Wow, I couldnt be more overjoyed than by this news from Palisades Toys.

:"We are also adding a new action figure license: Street Fighter from Capcom. We are doing these as "4-5 inch scale." What does that mean? We're going for great articulation but in an affordable size. A few years ago, ReSaurus did a great job with Street Fighter at around 8 inches. In today's climate, we just can't afford to continue that series where they left off. So our plan is to take that style of look (angular, essentially) and integrate it into a more affordable size. Plus, we'll add lots of articulation that those figures never had. This is a personal favorite for Ken Lilly, Director of Product Development, since he worked on those Street Fighter figures in his ReSaurus days. Anyway, this license is so fresh; we've barely had enough time to think about the line, so details and images are pretty far off. It is our goal to ship the first assortment this year, so we are cranking away.

a brief look at Street Fighter. The ink has JUST dried on this deal, so we still have a ways to go to figure out the line plan particulars and the rest, but here is what we can tell you. The license agreements covers almost all of the Street Fighter games and includes both Puzzle Fighter AND, get this, DARKSTALKERS!! So we will put together a line of Street Fighter figures, although one or two figures out of the assortment will feature some guest appearances by Darkstalkers characters. In the concept line attached, we put together a quick visual to better explain this concept on what the first 2 series of figures COULD be. This is just a preliminary concept, as we still have a lot to get worked out, so don’t think this is a definitive Series 1 and 2 line-up, cause it ain’t! Also look for some limited articulation PVC figurines, based on the Puzzle Fighter versions of the characters that we will also develop. Not enough? Well we also will be putting out a few high-end polystone products based on some of the more popular Street Fighter characters."

Those Resaurus Street fighter figures were pimp, so a 4-5" new series would freaking rock. And Puzzle fighter and Darkstalkers too? Wow!

Cloud Strife
02-18-2003, 08:56 AM
Well, I like to buy Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy, etc. charcters so I'd definately buy those. ;)

Liquid Gears
02-21-2003, 11:01 PM
If I could pick the character for SF4, they would be:

1. Ryu (an aged, old master now, with some new moves)
2. Guile (he got his revenge, but hey, maybe he likes to fight)
3. Sean (grown)
4. Chun li (she got her revenge also, but she was in third strike anyway)
5. Ibuki (slightly more mature)
6. Elena (slightly more mature)
7. Sakura (matured, with her own style)
8. Dhalsim
9. E honda
10. Sagat (an old, aged master. could be ryu's boss)
11. Alex (got his revenge, but maybe he likes to fight?)
12. Zangief (one last final bid to be victorious and honor the memory of the former USSR)
13. Blanka (except more human now that he has lived with his family all these years)
14. Yun
15. Yang
16. Makato
17. Vega (American)
18. Urien
19. Rose

And the best one of them all

14. Ken's son!!!!! (ken trained his son from birth, he should be of age to fight now)

On a side note, none of the SF2 characters except ryu and ken could REALLy be in this game. After the demise of bison a lot of fighters didnt have much of a point to stay. ken should be settled down with eliza by now. akuma could be a secret character, because quite frankly his beef with ryu is pretty damn pointless by now.