View Full Version : KFC (not kuntucky fried chiken)

02-25-2003, 06:10 PM
This site has never steared me wrong on reviews. I look at the top 10, rent those, and i always have a good time. Especially when u XBA admins give games good ratings, then i really like it. As of late Kung Foo Chaos got a 5 out of 5. thats really awsome. which is why im buying it soon. But ive begun to notice how off IGN.com's and Gamespy's reviews can be! they both are giving great Xbox games crappy reviews. They both gave KFC about a 60%. Im gunna stick with you guys though. I dont trust those guys.

02-26-2003, 02:19 PM
Thanks for the vote of confidence Mike. As for when I review games, I tend to call them like I see them. Also, if I give a game a high or low score (or any score for that matter) I try and tell what exactly I liked and disliked about the game so others can see what kind of gamer I am in the process of reading the review. The people that work at IGN and Gamespot are people who are paid to do what they do. We do reviews because we love the xbox and love gaming.

If there is one thing I have definately seen, there is a vast difference between the game critic's and the average person's take on a video game. Critics (read IGN and GS) can get caught up in one aspect of a game if it isn't perfect. Take sound for instance, if there is something really wrong with the music they will go on and on about how it totally deter's from the game. Now me, not being a critic, will just turn the sound off, the radio on and keep playing. When you read our reviews they aren't going to look a lot alike. Mine will say "sound sucked, so I just turned the radio on and muted the game. Gameplay was awesome though" whereas there's will go something like "OH MY GOD THE SOUND WAS TERRIBLE! I wanted to play the game but the SOUND! It was disgusting! This game gets a 2/10!!!"