View Full Version : Starting to wonder if any consule will ever get a great wrestling game?

02-27-2003, 11:41 PM
I have most the worthwhile wrestling games, and like probably a lot of grappler game fans, still waiting for the next generation title comparable to No Mercy or WM 2000, and everytime the future looks bright, I read bad news that makes me think, grappler game fans might just be screwed.

As far as Xbox goes, I bought RAW with high hopes, only to get a game that lacked blood, extra's, a crappy CAW, and the game was delayed for a long time, and still the game came out like crap with an old roster after all the delays. Just read RAW 2 is delayed, so the best I can hope for is a good game in September now, and there is still no guarantee RAW 2 will be any good. It would need a major overahul to be a great game IMO. For a game delayed that long that lacked that much, it's hard for me to believe they can make everything ok next time around, and this delay makes me think the odds of it stinking are even better.

As far as Gamecube goes, WM for Cube was nothing like WM for n-64. The game actually reminded me a lot of PS2's latest SYM, only a lot crappier. I think Cube's WM series needs the most overhauling of the 3 because it plays worse than RAW, and lacks the extra's SYM does have too.

As far as PS2 Goes SYM is the best of the 3, I do like the game, the CAW is good, still could be better, the storyline is fun, but still it has the trademark arcade style play that will always hinder any grappler in my book, and will always keep any grappler far from what I expected out of the 3 next gen systems.

The we have LOW I and 2. The legends picked are kinda weak, the games are kinda weak, and in the xbox version, removing the custom track selection was retarded LOW2. They took away the only good idea they ever had in that series IMO, so i don't have any hope for the LOW series myself.

Next is Def Jam Vendetta. Here it was the game made by the creators of No Mercy and WM2000, this has to be the god of all wrestling games if these guys made it! Wrong, many grappler fans are not going to be just fine and dandy with the old engine without CAW. I have no idea who in the hell these rap stars are and only looked forward to the game so I could edit them all or create the real grapplers, but no CAW would leave me playing a great engine, but only with rappers I never heard of. Hard for me to believe i now have no interest in this game, but like all the others, there always has to be a major flaw in it to screw it up.

It's amazing out of 3 systems, not a single company on either system can get it right, even with the creators of No Mercy and WM 2000 making a game now. I bet I have stumbled upon 1,000's of gripes from grappler fans of every system, because they have no game comparable to No Mercy or WM2000, and it's amazing not 1 company can just say we will give them what they want, and they will buy it and be happy. Instead everyone has to be the hero and make something completely new, and winds up letting everyone down over and over again.

The way I saw it, it was simple. Use the sucess No Mercy and WM had and improve on it. It's amazing not 1 jackass of the many jackass's that develop grappling games for any of the 3 systems understand that. I bet every grappling fan here can understand that simple solution to pleasing the grappler fans, I bet every wrestling game fan on every forum for every system can understand that, and the only people who do not understand it, are the f'n morons making these games.

I am a huge wrestling game fan, hell I'd invest in a completely new system just to get the game I want if someone would make it for me, but I can even get that game if I own all 3 systems out right now, and it really ****es me off.

03-01-2003, 12:42 PM
AKI essentially went out of business, lost most of the No Mercy talent, and is a shell of what it was, so I read. They are doing this DefJam game with EABig, and the cartoon-based Ultimate Muscle for Gamecube (not much of a game, from what I've read), but AKI's glory days are behind them. I don't know what happened -- maybe Nintendo screwed them out of too many royalties or something.

I agree that Wrestlemania X8 on Gamecube was very poorly implemented. Now that the Fire Pro for GC rumour has proven to be a hoax, I don't know when or if Cube owners will ever get a decent wrestling game.

I like Smackdown: SYM, but the CAW appearnce options aren't as good as in JBI (why ?). Yukes did redo several animations for SYM, tho', and did a good job of it. I read that the Japan-only King of Colosseum (wrestling/shoot game with some serious animation flaws, so I'm told) packaging claims "Fire Pro Wrestling Z" will be heading for PS2, but your guess is as good as mine as to when, where, and if.

MS should have brought The Wild Rings to non-Japan markets, not that it's super-great but because THQ is mishandling the WWE license for Xbox. Alas, no. :(

I'm looking forward to WWE Raw 2, hopefully sometime in July or August. In a way I am unhappy that they are grafting XBL onto it, because of the delay and because what really counts is how good the stand-alone game is. It's supposed to be pretty good this time around. :D

Also am looking forward to "Smackdown 5" for PS2. I hope Yukes can somehow expand the control scheme and move lists and add many new moves without messing up what's right about SYM.

Eidos' Backyard Wrestling, being developed by Paradox (X-Men: Next Dimension), I don't expect much from. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised?

03-01-2003, 12:58 PM
Raw was a horrible game. It really could have been great if they put some effort into the game. The way the wrestlers walked was pathetic. The CAW was awful in the fact that they put silly masks in.

after paying $94 for Raw I'm not sure I will even rent Raw2. I like fighting game and hope that UFC Tapout2 is good but I will rent it first. That game was a disappointment too.

03-02-2003, 04:38 PM
Raw and Smackdown games are both just plain terrible...If Bam! Entertainment made a Fire Pro game for the Xbox, we would have the greatest wrestling game on any of the 3 consoles.

03-04-2003, 05:08 PM
All i can suggest is keep updating your No Mercy Caw's! Sounds hurting, but I've been doing it and have a completely updated WWE No Mercy.

If you'd have told me 5 years ago that I'd still be playing my N64 and No Mercy I would have thought you were Crrrraaaazzzy.

IMO, No wrestling will ever, and I MEAN EVER, beat No Mercy--it's just too damn fun/well made.



03-14-2003, 08:24 PM
I doubt it. Nothings ever gonna top No Mercy. the only other wrestling game I ever truly enjoyed was Wrestlemania 2000 for the N64

P.S. EHW fed Pres u a slayer fan?

03-20-2003, 08:53 PM
What I want to know is why XBox is the only console that isn't getting an AKI developed wrestling game.:mad: PS2 is getting Vendetta. GameCube is getting Ultimate Muscle. Xbox . . .
Sure, the Japanese are getting Wild Rings, but those of us in the States get stuck with the unspeakably goddawful RAW franchise and nothing else.:(
Oh, well. Maybe we'll get a Vendetta port . . . or better yet, an Ultimate Muscle port (yeah, it's cartoony, but it has CAW).

03-25-2003, 12:25 AM
Don't worry Sycho, those games are gonna stink bad dude. AKI is gonna make it's return to the wrestling game industry, only to get bashed like everyone else next month.

Yes the engine will still be tight, but they are gonna screw up everything else. Vendetta will be No Mercy with no CAW at all, I mean not even a shred of it, and Ultimate Muscle will be some crazy ass Japanese cartoon game. Taking a great engine and throwing into completely stupid ass ideas, won't be much different than what everyone else has done. Both games are gonna get tons of negative feedback. Sure it plays good, but is this actually a wrestling game?

I mean Halo played cool, but if you take the gameplay of Halo, and make it into some stupid, lame ass Disney game with paint balls, is it really a great shooter? Hell no it's not!

AKI don't suck yet, but will bad next month, there time is coming. Xbox and PS2 will still have the best odds next time around, becuase RAW sucked but had hope, and actually Smackdown Shut Your Mouth was a pretty damn good game overall. SYM not great, but a much better game than all it's predecessors for sure. If Raw can make that kinda turn around like SYM did, Xbox owners might get a pretty damn good game.

03-25-2003, 01:58 PM
P.S. EHW fed Pres u a slayer fan?

Hell yeah man, their my favorite band of all time. I saw them play with Soulfly and In Flames last August, the show was unbelivable