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03-03-2003, 03:07 PM
Everyone know, i am recently post in another thread that Phantagram is being dead about more than 3 months. After that long period, the answers is finally reveal. Check this out:

NCsoft Details Phantagram Acquisition

The numbers, the details, the press release and the interview that should have clued us in.

David Swofford, NC Soft Austin's Director of PR, confirmed that its parent company, NCsoft had in fact taken a major equity stake in Korean-based Phantagram and a minor equity stake in Phantagram's US operations in August of 2002. The only property that the company picked up was Shining Lore, an upcoming anime-flavored online role-playing game for the PC (this interview with Sangyoun Lee and TJ Kim from September 2002 is a good indicator that their relationship was more than just a co-publishing agreement). Swofford offered some additional details on the deal that happened in August, and was announced in Korea - though it wasn't widely noticed in North America.
"On August 30 of last year NCsoft Corp. acquired a 29% interest in Phantagram Ltd. and a 16.7% interest in Phantagram Interactive, which is a publishing and marketing company that has operations in Korea and the US. With the acquisition we also purchased Shining Lore and now own all the publishing rights to that title. Here's the press release that was sent out by NCsoft in Korea last August.

Then at the end of the year, NCsoft acquired more of Phantagram Ltd. and now have a controlling interest in that company (62.77%).

The only product we picked up to publish under NCsoft is Shining Lore. The other Phantagram products are still under evaluation and they include Kingdom Under Fire: Crusaders and Strident. Duality is from a company called Trilobyte, a Spanish company, and is still being developed." And there's where the chips haven fallen. Look for NCsoft to make some serious announcements at E3 and show their knowledge of the industry at GDC when president TJ Kim delivers a keynote address about the company's success in the Asian online gaming market and details the company's future plans for global proliferation of its products.

It's still dead with the link. :rolleyes:

03-04-2003, 03:07 PM
I would advise NCSoft not to delay the stand-alone version of Strident: The Shadow Front in order to add online play options.

A second, online version should be released at a later date, if so desired.:cool: