View Full Version : Murakumo Impressions

03-10-2003, 03:34 PM
Ive had this game 4 a few days now, i got i the day of release. I had read a couple of previews but no reviews, but the oxm vid was so cool that i just bought it, which is not very like me. I read a few reviews after in borders (mall) which rated it a 5.9. Previously it had angered me when people were biased against oxm reviews, but as of now, especially on Murakumo, i disagree. The graphics are very good. The machines have incredible details and the citys are full and basically destructable. The one thing that i would have preffered is for the controls to be a bit more sensitive, being that the game is so fast it gets hard to follow the guy u hav to destroy. Fast? very. Each of the 5 (eh) machines vary in speed, weapons, and armor. It is important that u pick one suitable for the mission. This is also a decently hard game. Ive had to replay a mission about 5 times, but its ok, because everytime u do it u get a little better at tracking the other guy and u learn where the tunnels are and stuff. Pretty cool. Luckily for me, i dont give a **** about plot in this type of game. If u are, dont pick it up. Honestly its that bad. In my view, this game is about 7.7-8.5 depending on how much u care about the story line. Fun game, u may want to wait for a price drop if ur not sure. Any questions feel free to ask.