View Full Version : Video Game Contest Idea

12-01-2001, 01:09 AM
I've been having this idea for so long, but what if they made a contest where you would send them a game idea and they looked at it and then wrote 15 people back of whose video game idea got accepted. Then those 15 people would have a choice as to which company would make the game and what platform it would be on. After you send back what you've decide then you would get a paid trip to their headquarters and you would began to talk with artist and game designers about ypur game and what kind of engine you would want. Then you get to design the cover with help from company and then you would get a free copy of you game and the console it's on and 50,000 dollar in spending money. And of course your work would be copyrighted, but if they want to produce a sequel then they would have to contact you and ask you directly if your game idea did well the first time around.