View Full Version : Gamecube's Boo's and Bravo's

12-01-2001, 01:22 AM
I know I'm late but i played Gamecube today for the first time. First off the Boo's: 1. The controller, if you have small hands you will love it, but me i have large hands and it felt incredibly uncomfortable, but after 30 minutes i started to adjust. 2. the games, for some people it will be ok, but i don't like racing games, and i don't like flying games. so whats left? Tony Hawk (xbox has it too) madden (xbox as well) batman (xbox) Luigi (fun, but short and limited) Super monkey ball (fun, original, but not many levels of creativity) 3. No HD, sure it takes more space, but i love the HD on my xbox and i never liked Memory cards. and thats extra cost for GC owners. Also if GC owners want to go online you have to fork over more money. so sure a GC is 100 less then an Xbox or PS2, if you want a HD or Ethernet, your gonna pay 300 eventually, and you still have to pay for memory cards.

Bravo's: 1. Size. It is incredibly small and cool (jet black version, purple not good) its true you can fit 4 GC's in the perimeter of 1 xbox, but the GC is twice as tall as the xbox, so in total area, the xbox is equal to 2 GC's. 2. Load times, Really Really Really great, as a nintendo fan my whole life, it wouldn't seem right to play a Nintendo game with load times.

Bottom Line:
Right now Xbox IMO is better, but MS better look out for GC next year, if the second wave of games for xbox don't match the quality of games GC will have in their second wave....Xbox might, as many have predicted, be in third place for at least 3 years.

""""I own a Xbox, and plan on getting a GC next fall""""""""