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04-02-2003, 05:19 AM
There are relatively few role-playing games that take place in futuristic settings, and even fewer played from a close-in third-person perspective, so Black9 may seem like a typical sci-fi action game at first glance. But while you can expect to engage in plenty of hacking, slashing, and shooting in the game, Black9 is fundamentally an action RPG backed up by a flexible skill-based system for developing your high-tech mercenary character. And not only will Black9 have a complex, conspiracy-laden story for the single-player campaign, but Taldren's multiplayer plans for all three platforms--PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2--will also include full cooperative play through the campaign and competitive modes that will let players develop persistent characters.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to unravel the conspiracy as one of four mercenary characters.
We recently had a chance to visit Taldren's studio in Costa Mesa, California, and meet with the designers, who cut their teeth creating the Star Trek-themed Starfleet Command series. Although the Starfleet Command titles are considered by most fans to be some of the best Star Trek-licensed games around, it's obvious that the Taldren team is happy to be working on its first completely original game. The concept for Black9 has been on the table since late 2000, but it wasn't until last summer that work stepped up on the project. Since it's a cross-platform title that's very different from its previous work, Taldren has had to quickly double the size of its staff.