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04-08-2003, 11:04 PM
Kinda odd they did not make this game for XBox? I had to buy PS2 version.

I was not sure if I wanted to buy this game, because no CAW really does blow, but figured the Aki Engine would get my moneys worth in replay. I gotta admit it is kinda sweet playing a grappler with that engine again. The 1 thing that swayed me to buy it was battle royal mode. We used to love that mode for some reason on WM 2000, No Mercy's played way to slow so never did on that game.

Only beefs I got with the game is no CAW, and when you unlock characters, only the player who unlocked them can use them. So basically I'll have to beat it 2 times with different names for my buds to use the hidden dudes. But it is PS2, and my codebreaker should fix that soon really as soon as the codes are out for it.

I figure it will be a fun game, and probably part 2 will be much better, seems like they left out CAW on purpose to me, so they can make a killing on part 2. It is a real bummer aki is not making games for Box right now, the engine itself can be worth it. This game plays much better than all the other next gen grapplers.

I figure once my buddies get the controller and we start scrapping, we can kinda forget that it's not real wrestlers and enjoy the gameplay itself. It's getting awsome reviews as well so people must be enjoying it as well, but still everyone is like damn why did they leave out CAW?

Un-fortunately for xbox owners can't reccomend it at all, but for you Cube owners and PS2 owners, I'd say if you loved No Mercy and WM 2000, at least give it a rent and give it a go. There is no way gameplay wise you will be disappointed. It's by far the best grappler for next gen systems, minus all the extra's though, and thats what it will boil down to for you. Myself, I can forgive the mistake of no CAW for now, and enjoy it until part 2 arrives, but if part 2 has no CAW no way in hell would I buy it. The coolest thing about it I have found so far is what it's like playing a great grappler again, it runs super smooth, every person who's played it gives it that much, and it's a damn shame it's the only grappler out people can say that about.

04-08-2003, 11:39 PM
I actually didnt want to try it cause it had rappers and crap, but then I saw it was the same engine/peopel as the older games, so what the hell..

Its actually its pretty well done. The no caw sucks, but as you, i believe it was left out on purpose.

Some of the 'fantasy' moves are awesome, and I lvoe how easy it is to do em:)

Im still cheap and fight outside the ring till then have no hp left and pin em ;)

Definetly a rental....im gunan hold off on buying for now though

04-09-2003, 01:07 AM
I agree with you all the way.

I knew this game would be a hit in my house, because everyone here loves the old WM2000 engine that much, if you can live without it, it's a rental first for sure.

Here, we will be able to go head to head, and have battle royals, and forgive the game for no CAW. Not everyone can do that. All we will do is go man it sucks we can't be this guy or this one, but oh well this game is fun as hell, lets play it.

As bummed as I was about no CAW, I find myself falling in love with this engine all over again as well. It's been a very long time since I had this much fun just playing a wrestling game, and that is really cool. The game does not have all the bells and buzzers I wanted, but bottom line is it's fun as hell, and that should count for something.

I am not a rap fan myself, but I'll give the music this much, it's a hell of a lot better than the music the other wrestling games have, and I'll also give DJV another high mark, it's funner than the other games as well to play.

As far as a wrestling game goes, DJV is the best as far as music and gameplay goes. It's probably last in every other department, but if you buy it just for the fun factor of playing the game itself, you won't be bummed out. I don't see RAW or SDSYM being played head to head here anytime soon. DJV is by far superior too both as far as just going at it and enjoying the match goes.

04-09-2003, 12:39 PM
rappers + no caw mode + completely unrealistic gameplay + PoS2 only = not for me.


04-09-2003, 04:17 PM
Originally posted by EHWfedPres
rappers + no caw mode + completely unrealistic gameplay + PoS2 only = not for me.


GC as well ;)

04-09-2003, 06:02 PM
i think this game is sooo ***! The fighting is corny and so are the moves names. When i first saw this game i was like wtf and looked at it on EA's official site and pretty much my thought were..."what a *** game"

04-18-2003, 09:15 AM
Well, how I feel about the game is showed by my username. The game is great and should be on Xbox

05-01-2003, 02:16 PM
my favorite music is rap, my favorite "entertainment/sport" is wrestling...but i aint gonna go out and buy a GC or ps2 for this, i hope they make a port to xbox which is likely considering that a lot of companies have done this, maybe if it is successful, they can have an announcement at E3