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12-03-2001, 08:10 AM
I tell ya, the more I read the more I think there are some real immature individuals out there ;) Not in the light of having an opinion, but just the angle taken on the subject matter.

Why bother with bashing features in another console? All of these gadgets have one thing in common:

"Entertain User!"

The only person I see actually partaking in these activities are the ones who barely could afford to make the purchase or feel the need to defend how they spent their money.

All of the consoles have their plusses and minuses and I am not experienced enough to state what they are. I'm sure they are plastered all over this discussion forum. :)

But, the bottom line is that if I owned all 3 major consoles... GC, xbox, and PS2.... I would find myself playing certain games from ALL of them.

And the funny thing is, that all of this flaming is done between people that have one huge thing in common: the LOVE of gaming.

My 1,000,000 cents. :)

12-03-2001, 10:36 AM
I just console bash because it's fun to fight between friends... I just tell my friend who has a Playstation 2 that it is a "***station 2", or a "BS2" I made those up, they have probably already been used, but feel free to use them. He says "Xsux, and I tell him that doesnt rhyme, and XRox, and we kinda fight over the better console, but it would never become anything serious, it's just fun, especially since we dont have much better to do in school. By the way... I'm in a study hall right NOW!:D :D :D

l Maximus l
12-03-2001, 12:12 PM
I like to bash, not because I can't afford the LameCube or the PoS2 (actually, this is not an issue with me)...it's because I have had every single Nintendo console ever made excluding their handheld devices...and I am seriously tired of how expensive the Nintendo games are (especially on the N64 - I've seen as high as $79.99, though, rare). Also, I can't stand Nintendo becuase they seem to take a long time before a decent game comes out that is not a cartoon...I just about vomitted when I saw Banjo Kazui (or something rather)....give me a break. The LameCube is no different...just more kiddie games kiddie games kiddie games. Nintendo used to be great, now they are dying like the Sega Genesis. Gamers have moved on and Nintendo has decided to go another direction.

As for the Playstation 2: Quite honestly, I considered buying this system...but, I kept doing research on the XBox. About 2 years later, the XBox became a reality. Here's my take on this matter: XBox will have almost every single game that Sony's PoS2 has but will be better. XBox will also have more exclusive titles of new games and will have exclusive versions of existing games that can be found on the PoS2 but they will have more levels, smoother graphics, and better response. Consider that the PoS2 and the XBox are the same price, however, the XBox has an 8 gig hard drive for saving games, updating games, and ripping your own personal CD collection so you can listen to your own music on selective XBox games. Also, on-line broadband is built in...and the XBox is much more powerful boasting a 733 mg processor. Let's not forget LAN play capabilities and the fact that the XBox boasts for controller ports.

The XBox screams out "Value value value". That is what it's all about. Keep posted for more amazing stuff coming from XBox :D

Also, I have a buddy that has all three systems, too...and, even he says that he is not impressed with the GameCube. He beat Luigi's Mansion in a single day...and he has found major flaws in Rogue Leader. He said that the GameCube is fun but doesn't come close to the XBox. He really likes his Playstion 2 because of the available games...but, he knows that if he wants the best version of the same games that they are probably worth waiting for when they launch for the XBox. Wise thinking, in my opinion. My reasoning is that if the same game is going to cost the same amount of money on the PS2 and the XBox, and that the XBox version will be better, why not get the XBox version even if you have to wait a couple more months?

12-03-2001, 07:20 PM
I Dont Bash Other Consoles, but that sh*t is fun to read

12-03-2001, 08:26 PM
Well as a major x-box basher I would have to say I bash X-box because its fun!!!

I am a fan of games, i have PS2 and Gamecube, I like them because they are japanese systems, X-box looks okay, but its american, so i dont plan to support it, but i dont hate

Its fun to say X-box sucks, then get tons of post of people saying "man x-box is the best its got halo...(goes on saying about a bunch of games being good but really suck!)" Also they will throw in the "its got more power!" Well the graphics on x-box are second best (next to PC) and the graphics of it are close enough to the others that it does not matter.

Me and my friends all post on this site for fun! try bashing stuff its fun!

When you say that people bash because that can't afford ti or they are afraid for the own system, well that makes ya sound like you are full of your self

and as for the PoS2, and lamecube those are nothing compare the x-*** x-crap x-wanna-be-computer x-gonna-bomb and of course x-sux