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04-11-2003, 02:27 AM
I got my share of negative feedback on my Xbox was lies thread, and maybe I did not voice my opinion properly.

My point whitch I did not get across was this Xbox was SUPPOSED to be the system of the future. Xbox was not supposed to compete with PS2, it was SUPPOSED to compete with PS3. We as Xbox owners, were lead to believe, we bought the system of the future.

Look at the sh*t now. Xbox gonna make Xbox 2, when PS3 comes out????????? I am glad you fools love this company, and you would suck an old mans ****, before you would knock them, but lets get real here.

Xbox came out, told you they were the system of the future. They lied out there ass, about a lot of games, GTA 3 being one of them, then delivered barely better than PS2 games.

This pile of sh*t called Xbox, has barely been better than PS2 in any area, and now they are planning to compete with ps3, with a new system????

Other than this board, what moron would buy it? I mean take yourself out of your I am a Bill Gates b*tch self for a second and look at the facts. Xbox will not gain any fans next time, it's gonna lose them.

Xbox made some fans, this board is proof, but it's gonna lose a ton as well for being candy ass's. Xbox was supposed to be the system of the future. Xbox was supposed to crush PS2, and compete with PS3.

Now, Xbox will leave competeing with PS2, and die when Xbox 2 comes out. Sure Xbox will still have it's loyal, yet semi retarded fans here, but they won't pay the bill's.

The public overall will not buy the scam, and this syatem is dead as soon as Xbox 2 arrives.

04-11-2003, 02:35 AM

Please refrain from posting anymore and leave the boards as soon as possible. The intelligence level has dropped to dangerously low levels since you arrived. It is imminent that you leave before any sort of intelligence osmosis kicks in.

Who is there right mind would think that the Xbox was going to last "into the future?" If you know anything about the console industry you will know that there are "generations" where each company comes out with new hardware. Ofcourse, it seems to me that the PS3 will only be slightly better technically than the Xbox. However, the next Xbox will be considerably better than the PS3, just like the Xbox compared to the PS2. Ofcourse, some level of intelligence is required for any thought process along these lines to take place. Maybe when you pass grade 5 you will understand.

Microsoft never said the Xbox was going to outlast the PS3.

04-11-2003, 02:45 AM
Well since this this thread number 2 from you on this subject it can't be taken any other way except as flame bait. Closed.

Merimac pretty much summed it up but my response to everything you posted....:rolleyes: