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12-03-2001, 02:09 PM
U know keep it in a well ventilated area, but are there any other things U can do. I for one did one other thing to aid in heat dissapation and it shouldn't cost more than 50 cents depending on what U use. Anyway I noticed the bottom of the X-Box does tend to get warm - mildly hot and the rubber foot pads don't actually provide but a couple centimeters of clearance underneath. What I did was got 4 CD jewel case, the normal kind not the super thin and I placed em at each 4 corners of the X-Box so now there is about half an inch of clearance which will allow heat to dissapate much better underneat. I guess U won't wanna do it if U have children since the cases will allow the system to slide off easily. Well figured I'd just throw that in with all the talk of ventilation.

12-03-2001, 02:13 PM
Gokue, great idea! :D I think i'll do the same ;)

Ninja Scroll
12-03-2001, 02:26 PM
Originally posted by MaxPain
Gokue, great idea! :D I think i'll do the same ;)

Hey MaxPain, bad and boring idea,... I think i'll pass:rolleyes:


l Maximus l
12-03-2001, 03:35 PM
Well, pretty good idea...but, wouldn't a couple Hawaiian girls fanning palm tree branches onto the XBox be a little better?


12-03-2001, 03:47 PM
I have my xbox packed in an old coleman icechest filled with dry ice. Stays cool, but sometimes the games freeze.

l Maximus l
12-03-2001, 03:51 PM
Originally posted by VAN
I have my xbox packed in an old coleman icechest filled with dry ice. Stays cool, but sometimes the games freeze.

Yeah, I hear ya...that definately keeps the XBox cool. I have just been settling with my wife and a few of her friends standing around the XBox buck naked fanning it with Palm Tree leaves while rubbing a little icy-hot on the XBox's belly. I think I even heard my XBox giggle once.

12-03-2001, 04:00 PM
Another way to go if you want to keep your Xbox cool and Looking cool instead of having 4 ugly jewel cases under it, is to go to Home Depot and buy 4 thin rubber feet. Cost is about a buck. Just attatch those to the bottom of the existing feet. You could probably find the exact same size as the current feet as well.

Just think of it as platform shoes for your xbox.

l Maximus l
12-03-2001, 04:13 PM
Lyn...that's a pretty good idea...I like my set up better, though :D

12-03-2001, 04:18 PM
how about getting one of the small desk fans and placeig it near the Xbox... that'll get rid of heat in prolonged play on hot summer days...:D

12-03-2001, 04:50 PM
I think its fine the way it is. Sure it might be helpful to raise the xbox, but MS wouldnt make the design so bad that it would overheat. If my Xbox overheats, and it is in a open area, I will be ****ed because it would be MS's fault...but Im sure they made it the way it is for a reason. Things like this get hot, thats the way it is. Keep in mind that intel 733MHz arent made to run at room temp! You shouldn,t be worried if it is hot, its not like it will melt, thats the way it was made.

12-03-2001, 05:07 PM
I do agree with Frostberg on this. I don't think it gets hot at all even after 6 hours of hardcore Halo playing. I won't be doing any modifications to it.

Mmmm the smell of a heated xbox in the morning. :)

l Maximus l
12-03-2001, 05:24 PM
Shhhhhhhh!!!! Be quiet folks...don't let my wife and her naked friends see what you are saying here :eek:

12-03-2001, 06:12 PM
I used to work for microchip company.

We would put all of the microchips into oven, exceeding 1700 farnaheit, to make the glue on the ceramic cover adhere to the footbase of microchips.

Then we would test it very abusively and excessively. Instead of using normal voltage, we would double the voltage and make it hot on purpose to make sure it will not fail.

I think you guys are worried over nothing...


12-03-2001, 06:29 PM
There is some proof, thanks ChaZ! Like I said before, its suppost to be hot!

12-03-2001, 07:04 PM

My wife doesn't have any naked friends.

12-03-2001, 11:32 PM
:rolleyes: pshaw....Me, I just got me a midget to hold my xbox over his head. He's pretty small so the xbox conceals most of him. Actually my xbox looks like it's wearing red addidas. Plus I can give my xbox voice commands and magically it does it.:cool: