View Full Version : Dynasty Warriors 4

04-15-2003, 01:59 PM
I am sick and tired of these production companies thinking they can release games for the PS@ exclusively then port them over 6 months down the line when i loose interest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved Dynasty Warriors 3 on ps2, and was supprised with the fact that DW3 looked much better (what a shocker) when they ported it over to the XBox, but as soon as i found out they anounce that DW4 will be coming out soon for the PS2. For that reason alon i refuse to spend money on an outdated game, ##$$$%%#%%^%^%^^%^%^, i won't be able to control myself if this happens again.

ps. I feel the same about Tenchu: wrath of the heavens, I think i am going to have a ham sandwich and a corona, flirt with some a$$ then go to my 3:42 (wierd time iddnit?)class