View Full Version : VGA Box: Progressive-scan alternative to $199 X-Blaster

04-24-2003, 07:08 PM
Here are the FAQs for the XVGA adaptor that does real progressive scan VGA for $70, not $199:



XV01 v4.0/v4.0a Specifications

480p and 720p support
Analog VGA output via high-density 15-pin D-Sub connector
Analog line-level L&R audio outputs via RCA jacks
Optical digital 5.1 audio output
Jumpers present to select from one of three video sync modes

Seperate H&V syncs
Composite sync

No other Xbox video adapters necessary

So, this will even save you the $20 for the HDTV box that you'd need to get for the X-Blaster as well. I was reluctant to tell many people about this because of the slow turn around time, but Ken sent me this message this morning, so the turn around time should improve:

"I actually need all the orders I can. I just paid a lot of money for a
computerized milling machine so I could automate the manufacturing of my
enclosures for both the XV01 and CV01. If I don't get it paid off my wife
will kill me :)"

So help a brotha out and get one if you need a VGA box. I have only heard good things about the actual box, and the ordering time may be improving really soon. I'll be posting an in-depth review when I receive mine. Please check his site out if you're interested. Tell him Bryan sent you. :cool: