View Full Version : what was the greatest Launch ever?

Ninja Scroll
12-04-2001, 02:59 PM
Myself and Maximus were going back and forth for awhile between DC vs. Xbox as to who was the best ever.

Well, I figured everyone should post there opinions on who they felt had the best launch in gaming history.

Like I said, I gotta go with the Sega Dreamcast. My reasons:

The games: Soul Calibur (best fighter of all-times), NFL2K, Sonic Adventures, and Power Stone. I feel just those four titles alone can out do anything that came out today, yesterday, and (so far) tomorrow.
Not to meantion about 16 other launch titles. Um,.... no one please meantion Blue Stinker
,.... er.. I mean Blue Stinger.

True Sega did not have all the money to advertise across ever television station, but they did their best.

I think Xbox comes in second, followed by....:confused: .... .....:confused: ,.............
well, no one else. Nintendo's launches have always sucked with 2 or 3 games at launch.
And PSOne & PS2 had lack luster titles at launch.

Their is my case, what's yours?