View Full Version : EGM/CGW "Enter the Matrix" Contest!

04-27-2003, 09:47 AM
I was over looking at EGM's website, and I came across this mad contest! There is a crazy amount of prizes to be won! Just wanted to give the heads up, cause this looks wicked!

Here is the info:

Are you The One? In celebration of the upcoming Matrix movies and game, Computer Gaming World and Electronic Gaming Monthly, in coordination with our sponsors—Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Infogrames, and Warner Home Video—challenge you to follow the white rabbit through our magazines this month and uncover the truth! Just find all ten (10) rabbits hidden throughout the magazines—half are in the June 2003 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly and the other half lurk in the pages of the June 2003 Computer Gaming World. Once you’ve located all 10 rabbits, come to this site and input the page numbers in sequential order (no commas, no spaces) from lowest to highest. First, put the five rabbit page numbers from EGM, then the five from CGW. All correct entries will be entered in a random drawing for the oh-so-fabulous prizes.

I'm definitely doing this contest. Even though I don't get either, I'sm about to head over to Borders or Barnes and Noble to get all the info. If anyone is feeling oh so generous, they should post both codes here. Check out all the prizes here, and get all other contest info here too!: