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04-29-2003, 09:40 AM
Layoffs at Shiny as Matrix dev finishes

Rob Fahey 13:14 29/04/2003
Development staff exit the Matrix

A number of staff at development studio Shiny have allegedly been laid off following the successful completion of Enter The Matrix for parent company Infogrames, which will be released alongside the second movie in the Matrix trilogy later this month.

It's by no means unusual for a studio to let go of staff after the end of a project, although online rumours suggest that some of those made redundant in this round of layoffs were actually quite senior members of the Shiny team - which is a bit more unusual.

These rumours are unconfirmed as yet, but if true, they certainly scotch the possibility of Shiny launching straight into work on a quick follow-up to Enter The Matrix to coincide with the release of the third film towards the end of this year.

Debt-burdened Infogrames is counting heavily on Enter the Matrix to keep its head above water and rescue the company's estimation in the eyes of the financial community. The future of Shiny seemingly rests on the success of Enter the Matrix - but equally, so may the future of Infogrames as a whole.