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Vengeance is mine says Nikki Conners!
Tuesday April 29, 2003 | Prophet

A third-person action-adventure game for the GameCube, PlayStation 2 and Xbox in development by Bits Studio Ltd. Slated for a fourth quarter 2003 release, Rogue Ops will also have Xbox Live functionality, complete with downloadable content, as well as other exclusive platform specific extras for next-generation consoles.

In Rogue Ops players follow the adventures of an ex-Green Beret named Nikki Connors, an anti-terrorist operative seeking vengeance against the men or organization that killed her husband and daughter in a calculatingly cold terrorist attack. Nikki exploits her new role as an anti-terrorist operative to further her personal quest for vengeance. After several years of training Nikki zeros in on the group that ruined her family, Omega 19. What ensues is a series of covert operations against the group fueled by government funds and pure unadulterated hatred. Rogue Ops will offer eight missions (offering a variety of obstacles, environments and objectives), interaction with both fellow operatives and enemy agents, a deep and twisted storyline and lots of action. Nikki will have access to a variety of skills to accomplish missions including stealth tactics, combat, concealment and theft. Nikki will also have access to a number of interesting weapons (ten in all) including pistols, dart gun, sniper rifle, grenades and mines. Finally Nikki can use devices such as a special vision gear that combines infrared, low light and x-ray vision in one handy dandy unit. Details on the Xbox Live portion of the game were not revealed at press time. Rogue Ops is slated for a Q4 2003 release, and has a suggested retail price of $49.99.

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Looks very ps2ist, no thanks.

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Originally posted by Knight
Looks very ps2ist, no thanks.

Agreed, in some shots it looks even worse than PS2. Other than that looks a poor splinter cell knockoff, doesn't look very tantalizing.