View Full Version : Seattle 4v4 Tournament $600

04-29-2003, 10:54 PM
v4 Team Slayer and C.T.F. Tournament
Saturday May 17th at 4:30pm

1st Place - $400 Cash
2nd Place - $200 Cash
3rd Place - 4 Day Passes

Double Elimination.50 Frags or 3 captures to win. Chiron and Boarding action are never played in our tourneys.

And, right after there will be a FREE nooby FFA and 1v1 Tournament.
No Top team members can enter. 1st - Xbox game / 2nd - Day Pass

Must pay for 4 people, but can play with 3 if desired. Basically regular weapon and rule set for Team Slayer, with no radar or death bonus. *GC pays out %40 up to top prize. Cointoss decides color. Show up at 4:00 to get seats. Sign up online, or in person.
Check the website for more details: www.spamarific.org

18717 76th ave west lynnwood, WA 98037