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04-30-2003, 02:01 PM
Online enabled - Try not to let your opponent get inside your head as he talks up his game with online voice communication on Xbox Live.
Head-to-head play accompanied by leader boards, roster updates and downloadable stadiums.
The Show - See what it's like to play in "the Show" with authentic stadiums, animated scoreboards, and graphics so real that you'll instantly recognize the stars when they school you.

Smooth game action and pace of play. For example, catcher throwbacks to the pitcher after each and every pitch have been removed.
Various modes of play including Online, Exhibition, Home Run Derby, Season and Playoffs.
Great broadcaster audio support from the highly acclaimed Fox Sports team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.
More than 120 different views of the game provide a television style broadcast. There are some views that even players would not get unless they stood in that same spot on the field.

Championship Challenge - Be the hero and strive to reproduce some of the most impressive feats of the past season with Championship Challenges.

Recreate a series of actual game situations from the 2002 baseball season and have an opportunity to change history. For example, you can try to break the tie from the 2002 All Star Game!

Training Tracks - Push your limits with drills. Master the nuances of the game using Training Tracks to develop your skills and avoid rookie mistakes.

Create an athlete and it's your job to turn him into a star by successfully completing numerous training routines.
Qualify a player at a certain position and make him more effective at driving runners in or even at pitching out of a jam.
Gamers give their player a nickname that is then used in the game by the broadcasters!

In-game Features Xbox Live Features
Custom Soundtracks
In-game Dolby Digital
System Link 1-2
Surround Sound
Content Download
Online Multiplayer

Thanks to Xbox Live, Inside Pitch 2003 is the ONLY baseball game that has online play. Others may have downloads (so does Inside Pitch 2003) but you can't play 'em online against other gamers.

04-30-2003, 02:08 PM
Originally posted by Brevity
Gamers give their player a nickname that is then used in the game by the broadcasters!

As in they will say it? Always wanted something simple like that in a game, where they would SAY your name.

Xbox Owner
04-30-2003, 02:46 PM
That sounds really cool..but I hope it's not on Live, because you know someone on Live will be a jackass..and put some bad name in there or soemthing. Other than that,..it'd be cool, because I'd put a name in...OFFLINE.:D

Xbox Owner
04-30-2003, 06:14 PM
In the June EGM, they said this game sucks...:(

No Fear 23
04-30-2003, 07:36 PM
uggh, imagine a laggy ball being pitched to u. and u missed.

ump yells. "illeagal ball,ur outa here pitcher"