View Full Version : WOW! Changes, killer site!

05-02-2003, 04:09 AM
Just got back after eight months based in San Diego. The site kicks total ass!

Xbox Live is impressive, but I need to know if Ghost Recon is the killer app? MechAssault and Unreal Championship seem mediocre and I'm tryin to find something real good to pry me away from my computer's games. :)

What I missed out on while I was gone and came back to:

Xbox Live release
DOA Xtreme Beach Volleyball (worth buying?)
Halo 2 being delayed (FARK!)
NVidia's apparent demise to ATI (YES! YES! OH GOD, YES!)
t.A.t.U (hehehe)
My server bills. Meaning no more website for a few days.
Project Ego name change.

Anyway, have fun, great site XBA!