View Full Version : the elder scrolls three: morrowind

05-02-2003, 10:16 AM
I think that the best game in the world for x box and pc is morrowind, morrowind is a game in which when you play the main quest you're only scraching the surface of th entire game.
not to mention the choice of at least ten guilds to join but sometimes when you are on a quest and you're just walking on the road you will aproch some people who ask for favors and usually reward you. Quests arrent the only thing in morrowind that make it so good but you also have the ability to enchant thousand of things all the way from a piece of paper to a daedric battle axe (best axe in the game) but enchanting is not all that you can do in the morrowind world you can also make potions with a morter and pestle or take almost anything that you want to (but if you do that watch out for the gaurds), you can trap the souls of the things that you kill and use them to enchant things, you can become a vampire and do quests for your vampire lord, of you can just take it easy and be a farmer.
I have only stated few of th many thing that you can do in morrowind. and for its fredom to do almost anything on a scale of 1-5 I give it 5.