View Full Version : The SvC: Chaos dilemma...

Liquid Gears
05-02-2003, 03:10 PM
Let me start off by saying that I've been in keen anticipation of this game since day one. I've played a lot of SNK fighters as well. In playing, I've noticed one thing: SNK rarely turns out a game that gives us both greatly animated/large characters and a large character roster at the same time. Memory capacity, of course, is what places that wall of limitation there.

For example, we have everyone's favorite, Garou -the latest in the FF series. The characters are well animated, some quite beefy. Correct me if I'm wrong (since I might be), but the roster doesn't exceed 20. Such is also the case with SS4 (unless you count BUST personas).

On the other hand, you have KOF. Yes, I love this game. The characters nearly match human proportion; therefore the characters take up less space. Because of that, the character roster is much larger than any of their other fighting franchises. KOF '98's roster reaches almost 50 if you include secret characters.

From the reviews this game has been getting here, it's a certainty that this game is going to get some major play. My question is: what are we willing to sacrifice-- well animated characters or a large character roster?