View Full Version : All sysyems getting new grapplers. Cubes WM sounds sweet.

05-06-2003, 11:10 PM
Kinda anxious to try each systems new games set for the end of the yearish for now anyway.

Smackdown 5 sounds interesting because it does not really sound like a sequal to the others. This game will put more emphasis on the gameplay itself. So hopefully that means you lose a few bells and buzzers and get a much funner game to play. If the new engine runs great, this should be a pretty good game.

RAW 2 I am still iffy on. It all sounds great so far, but the CAW hopefully is completely scrapped and redone, because I really hated RAW's bad. I could still enjoy RAW 2 with the better roster, the so so engine enhanced, and another garbage CAW, but it would hurt the game some if it doesn't have the CAW to go with the sountrack option. Hoping for a great game, but I am not sold on RAW 2 will be exceptional yet anyway.

Cubes next Wrestlemania game right now sounds like it might be the best of them all. I expected nothing from's Cubes series until they decided to completely kill the engine the first Wrestlemania game had, and bring back AKI's engine instead. This game should be what all grappling fans have begged for for years now.
A next gen game with AKI's WM2000 engine, plus the updated roster with Hogan, Steiner, Goldberg and all that good stuff. I see it almost impossible for this game to actually dissapoint grappler game fans, and would not be suprised at all if the next Cube WM game tops all the rest. Yukes finalyy said screw it, out engine is crap, lets make a next gen WWE game they all **** and moan for, and I am pretty excited about it myself anyway.

Hopefully everyone can get something at least really good at the end of the year. I can live with RAW's engine so RAW 2 has a lot of hope, Smackdown 5 hopefully delivers, but it is Yuke's so you never know? I belive Smackdowns engine did have room for improvement, so it sounds good so far anyway, and Cubes next game stunned me the most, because I expected nothing from it, then read AKI engine brought back and was like, wow Cube might go from having the worse WWE game to the best.

Expect to spend 150 bucks by the end of the year on WWE games, and this time I believe I'll be much happier with the 3 games I buy. Lets face it, no way can RAW 2 not top RAW, it will be impossible for Cubes mania to not improve, and Smackdown 5 is kinda like a new game vs a sequal, so that might be cool too. I thought SD4 was cool, but it was time to move on, and they are.

05-08-2003, 12:24 AM
Only reason I liked WM was cause Raw was such a let down after all the waiting I did.

SD was fun, but so many stupid little things bugged me more than the whole game itself.

Raw2 not having anything LIVE capable was a letdown....but maybe Raw3? :)

If they improved SD story/career mode I think it would do alot better, and fix the bugs >_<