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05-19-2003, 08:13 PM
i was wondering what is the highest level you have got in morrowind i am a dark elf with a level of 39 and i am almost stuck at it a few more levels and i won't ve able to level up anymore cause all my stats are to their maxium
only a few of the mic and one of my secondary are not
is there another way to level up , i have hearet of some guy who got to 80+ level but how

05-19-2003, 09:37 PM
Okay, to level up after you have maxed out on your primary and secondary skills, is very easy.

You can buy skill levels for skills that are at 100 from master trainers. While they won't go up anymore, if it's a primary or seconday skill, it will count towards gaining another level of experience.

I believe you need to use an item or spell to raise the particular skills governing attribute over 100 to do it.

For example:

Your speed attribute is 100, and your short blade skill is 100, and a secondary skill for your character. You enchant some item to give yourself a 104 speed. Then, you go to the master trainer in short blade and train 3 times. While your short blade skill will still be 100, you will have gained 3 points towards levelling up.


05-19-2003, 11:50 PM
thanks can you can you tell me where to find any master trainer for short,long blade or medium,lite armor or sneack

05-20-2003, 06:19 AM
thanks can you can you tell me where to find any master trainer for short,long blade or medium,lite armor or sneack

Just go to gamefaqs.com and it will tell you were all the master trainers are.

05-20-2003, 06:31 AM
Check out the set of Faqs at www.gamefaqs.com

It's got just about everything, including a master trainer list.

There's a better site out there, but I forgot where it is. It had all the faction guides, items list, quest list, spell effect list, trainer lists for the game.

05-20-2003, 08:25 PM
that or you can go get the "Fury" sword from the strongholds and equip/unequip/equip/etc until all your armor skills are 0 (it lowers your armor skill when equipped, but it's permanent so when you take it off the penalty remains.) and train up your armor skills. Or get a really high bounty but not high enough for a death warrant, talk to a guard and choose the Go To Jail option and some of your skills will be lowered.

05-20-2003, 10:21 PM
is there any difference between being a level 46(example) with all my attributes at 100+ than being anyother higher level 60+(example) i mean will i be stronger or anything also have anyone played the expansion for the pc if you did when you tranferred your character did you lose anything or it stayed the same, i want to know cause i am pretty sure the xbox will be the same as pc

also where can i find the fury sword you mencioned right now the best sword i have is the UMBRA sword 10-50

05-20-2003, 11:18 PM
I am not exactly sure on fury. :watchout: I will find out though. Also, go behind pelagiad's castle and run straight, you should come to a big villa like place, slaughter it and you can get some good stuff there.

05-21-2003, 06:25 AM
I always make my own sword. I use a Daedric Katana(although a Daedric Dai-Katana is a little better) and enchant it to damage health on strike(I think that adds about 30-60 points of damage per strike). That makes me effective enough to take out just about everything in the game in a couple of strikes.

I wouldn't suggest using the Fury or jail techniques. Here is why:

Fury Technique: You will have NO ARMOR RATING until you re-train those skills. This makes you a little vulnerable. Also requires a lot more money than what I suggested. You also have to use the master trainer for the armor skills, as opposed to whatever amaster trainer is closest for my technique.

Jail Technique: Since it takes away random skills, there is no gaurantee that it will take a lot of primary/secondary skills, allowing more level ups. It also forces you to use specific master trainers, which may not be very accessable.

Both these techniques are also a little massochistic, which may be your thing, but it isn't mind.

These are just my opinions. No offense is intended.

05-23-2003, 01:10 PM
My Wood Elf is level 164.

He is god, nothing can take him.

05-23-2003, 02:08 PM
I'm surprised no one mentioned the goldbrand or the eltonbrand for swords! They're both better than the Umbra sword!:watchout:

05-23-2003, 03:01 PM
Yeah, Umbra sucks. The enchantment on it is almost useless.

A "homemade" Daedric Di-Katana is way better than the Umbra. And as Rude mentioned....Eltonbrand is way awesome!

05-24-2003, 12:01 AM
my queston still where can i get any of those so *good* swords btw i know umbra effect sux but that is the best sword i have(not for the effect of course) since it is 10-50 damage

05-24-2003, 12:57 AM
I will send you to my other guide where it will lead you to great stuff. Follow it exactly and you will have loads of cash and some great weapons/armor. http://www.forumplanet.com/rpgplanet/morrowind/topic.asp?fid=6197&tid=1045962 also here is the true list of secret masters by the Morrowind Summit admin: http://www.forumplanet.com/rpgplanet/morrowind/topic.asp?fid=6197&tid=1045583 Info on vampires: http://www.forumplanet.com/rpgplanet/morrowind/topic.asp?fid=6197&tid=1047517