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05-21-2003, 05:43 PM
DroneZ, made exclusively for Xbox and Xbox Live. This 3rd-person action shooter is based on the popular franchise for the PC, which earned high acclaim among hard core gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

“DroneZ is a fantastic video game property whose reputation for being a smart game with sophisticated graphics and game play is certain to make it one of the must-have Xbox titles of the summer,” said Joseph Morici, senior vice president, sales and marketing, Metro3D. “We are thrilled to carry over DroneZ’ popularity to the Xbox and Xbox LIVE, where a whole new audience of die-hard gamers will fall in love with this compelling action-packed strategy shooter.”

In DroneZ, players lead characters, Sidd, Eva or the bot “C1” on a mission to free mankind from the deadly V-Space Network, the computer enemy that controls the future. The V-Space Network is dominated by DroneZ, reptiloids, insectoids, and other cyber-insects who forbid people to disconnect. With the help of a hacker living in the “real world,” players must fight to stay alive as they travel from various network memory locations and avoid the DroneZ deadly lasers. Defeat the DroneZ enemy protections with rapid-fire weapons and players steal victory.

DroneZ provides hours of intense game play and eye-popping cyberspace environments, including more than 200 rooms across 27 levels in nine major sections. A free-aiming weapon scanner, tons of bonus powers, shield generators, teleportals, force fields, and secondary weapons equip players for pinpoint attacks. Great Xbox-specific textures and effects such as realistic real-time lighting and shadows, reflection mapping, smooth camera and animation bring the most visually-compelling futuristic game to the Xbox.

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Source: Xbox365.com

05-21-2003, 06:01 PM
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