View Full Version : MotoGP 2 disc special features.

JR Alberda
05-29-2003, 11:43 PM
Sort of deceptive title but I need people to tell me whats up, protective coating is a special feature :D

Anyone having problems with disc loading, but only with MOTOGP2 discs? What are the chances that THQ put that protective coating on there that can screw up the disc reading. Also Ive noticed that when i do get it loaded, some of the animations in the menus studder (sortof stick on one spot)

I really dont want to try boiling my disc, but I may have to.

I want to try and clean the lense, but I cant seem to do it with the lense cleaning disc i bought. It says to select track 3 and play, but if the xbox wont recognize it there is no way to play the disc, so it dont get cleaned, btw its a dry brush cleaner.

Are there any other disc cleaners that you dont have to select a track and will clean it while trying to access the disc? Suggestions? Thanks for any help.

:D :D

05-30-2003, 11:09 AM
Hey man, I haven't had a problem with the disc at all. I worked in disc manufacturing for 5 years and there is no such thing as a protective coating. That excuse is just a bunch of bogus someone made up. Residue can be left on a CD from the laquer used or during the print process but no extra coating is ever put on a CD. Unfortunately, CD's with residue are to be scrapped during the inspection process but some do make it through. Warm soapy water and a terry cloth should do the trick. IF that doesnt work return your disk for a new one.

JR Alberda
05-30-2003, 12:14 PM
I will try that and thanks, but this is already the second disk, and it seems likely that its my lense, but its only this game and thats what gets me. I will try the warm soapy water, but if that dont fix it, how exactly should I clean my lense, due to problem in the 1st post.