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06-10-2001, 06:05 AM
ok first of all i keep hearing every one say thst game amped is kool looking i wanna know what type of game is that
action rpg etc an what system its for an second of all i heard that xbox had somthing 2 do with mp3 i have a panasonic dvd player that suport mp3 but i dont know what it for -------------------->
but back 2 the subject and i have played final fantasy before do all rpgs play like that because if they do i wont buy any amd that it and buy the way am i the only one that dont like final fantasy games are what

06-10-2001, 07:22 AM
Amped: Freestyle snowboarding is A new sports game for the XBox.
Second question Let's say you get music off the internet from someplace like napster whenever you get music off the internet it's in an Mp3 format because it's about ten times smaller without sacrificing quality so you have a cd burner If you were to keep the music in MP3 format and burn it on to a cd you could fit 10x more tunes on it but you need an MP3 decoder to listen to it (it wouldn't work in normal cd players)so your DVD player has sometype of decoder in it so You could listen to a cd on it full of MP3's wich would allow about 200 song's instead of 20 on a single cd.
As for Final fantasy it's just your preference if you don't like it.