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12-09-2001, 02:06 AM
Sup yall im new to this place bu ti like talking about the new RAW IS WAR game coming out for X BOX and i heard all types of good thinggs about this gane and honestlyi think its gonna be a great game the best game with the blood staining the mat and all god thats sweet but the only bad rumor i heard was it will not have a career mode is this so? i mean its just a rumor but i mean if it doesnt that will be wack im sure it will tho becuz what kinda wrestling games now days dont have career mode right i have 4 letters for ya X BOX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-09-2001, 08:02 AM
Due to the change in title of the tv show the game has now changed to just WWF Raw....please ignore this error in the txt below:

Here's my preview of WWF Raw for Xbox | 360:

Can you smell what THQ is cookin'?
by mattcoxonline

When it comes to wrestling games THQ can claim the ring as "their yard," and currently it’s the PS2 that’s the big dog with the title Smackdown! Just Bring It; but that’s about to change because, in the words of Triple H and The Rock, "The fact of the matter is" that WWF Raw is WAR on the Xbox will "lay-eth the smack-eth-down on PlayStation’s candy ass!!"
The eventual winner? That’s for you to decide.

WWF Raw is War has given the developer, Anchor, a number of challenges:
1. Bringing the next generation of wrestling games to life.
2. Overcoming the standards set by the first 3 Smackdown! games, N64 and DC releases.
3. Providing a top quality title for a new and therefore unfamiliar console, the Xbox.

After seeing the quality of UFC on other consoles, should we be worried? I think not!

WWF Raw has to set a new standard in wrestling games, beating off all possible competition; and Smackdown! games introduced a whole load of new features to compete with: TLC matches and Hell in a cell and different fighting locations.
WWF Raw is War builds on this, there might not be as many different types of matches, but it certainly adds whole new dimensions. Sure, beating the hell out of someone in and out the ring can be fun, incorporating different weapons, but how much better would it be to control your favourite superstar and throw your opponent into the crowd, watch the fans scatter and then carry on fighting in the stands?

A new and innovative approach to this Xbox title is that you don’t have to hammer the buttons to secure victories, as you did in Smackdown! , and No Mercy. Now players have to be familiar with your chosen wrestler’s moves and know how to react in a certain situation;
another example is how you have to hit a direction button twice to run, rather than Smackdown’s constant speed. This, combined with last minute button pressing for moves lets you adjust strategy to react to an opponents move.

If you thought the Smackdown! games incorporated realism, this is so real you can almost smell what The Rock is cooking and touch the blood dripping from his head - that’s right, there’s blood!

While final details have yet to be confirmed, it has been rumoured that Anchor have produced a game (I’m still on about Raw) which enables 8 characters on screen at one time, and thanks to the tremendous power of the Xbox, the game doesn’t drop one frame.

On the TV shows, backstage activity is featured more and more, so it’s included in the game. The arenas randomly change and so do the backstage areas, giving you an incentive to go-a-wandering and explore more fully. Another new and innovative feature is the fact that you can attack the opponent during his/her entrance - now that’s a nice advantage for you.

The game has been in development from November 2000 and everyone involved wants to get it released at the Xbox launch - unlikely as at the time of writing this preview, launch is 3 days away and there’s no sign of Raw yet.
Fans of Playstation’s Smackdown! will be looking for a career or season mode, well you’ll have to look hard because there isn’t one!! The only good thing about this is that Anchor has said that WWF Raw is War 2002 (the sequel) will bring more matches and an online option, but don’t let that put you off the first installment, as there’s plenty of reasons to buy it.

The full roster has not yet been announced and rumours have been flying about WCW/ECW characters being in it, which would be interesting; but here’s a list of characters that have been seen in screenshots:

Triple H
The Rock
Hardey Boys
Spike Dudley
Kurt Angle
Big Show

(I have missed some -- I also thought I'd saw Rhyno in some shots too!)

12-09-2001, 08:30 AM
People like Raven, Tazz, Rhyno who were around before the alliance are in it, however people like the Hurricane aren't. However don't be surprised if they make it very easy to create such wrestlers in the CAW mode. Also you can get RVD if you beat the game on hard with Jericho.

12-09-2001, 11:36 AM
I Heard From IGN.com that alot of the features that were supossed to be in the game, like going into the crowd and having created wrestlers come out to ripped music are no longer going to be in the game.

i no I have posted this before, but i thought i would again under a raw thread instead of the general thread.